Saturday, October 2, 2010

a good laugh...

Ok, so what you do not see on this site is ... the phone calls I get.
My sister called and just laughed at me!

Yes, I live out of travel bags in my bathroom, and yes I see it as a good thing, not having to pack when I need to.  BUT ... she laughed because I have so many animals I can't possibly leave at a moments notice...

What is not taken into account is, as I get older, I am making sure to make arrangements for help with the animals.  It is only one more part of the dream that has yet to be accomplished BUT I can assure you it will be.

My dream!

To help someone as I was once helped.
Building a small but usable living space, near or attached to the barn, so someone can live in it, take care of my horses for me but still be able to have another job.

There are plenty of young people around here that would appreciate such a contract, and if not I am sure there will be others that would not mind not having bills ... having traded basic living expences for a short time of labor 5 days a week.

On with the dreams, and on with making it all happen.