Monday, April 29, 2013

First BIG step.

I grew up in a small town.
Everyone knew who I was, or who my mother was, or at the very least who my grandparents were, thus there was nothing I could do of any negative consequence and punishment not be awaiting me at the door as I entered home. BUT ... that also meant I had access to a huge network, generations of knowledge and advice to choose from. While I am not of the baby boomer generation I grew up in that environment.

I have lived from coast to coast... San Fran, Suisun CA now in Asheville NC so I have extended my life beyond that small town thinking.  I have a passion for travel, learning and art,  my issue with a job, and finding my place here is I always worked and had friends at least from work creating a group of people to learn and extend from.  Here I have not worked outside of motorcycle industry much and have yet to really make my own niche SO... I just took on a part time job at the clothing store, AND I just took on an Asheville Blog Column so I hope to start my networking here at these two places.

What am I doing for the Blog?
Well IF all goes well I plan to evaluate and expose art around town.  I'll not go into anymore details here BUT once the site is up and running I will gladly make that attachment and share with all my friends and family.

SO... my networking project has started!
My next step... is to volunteer at places around town to meet more people with the same interest as well.  We as humans have to remember we only get what we give.  While I have no full time job I plan on giving my time for the remainder of time not spent working for someone else.

Life is going to get better!
Life is full of fun, fancy, follies... grab some it

My love to the world

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Got a job...

I actually got a part time job Wednesday of last week and I start this next Wednesday at noon.

I am so excited...
Yes it is part time but... it is something to have to concentrate on... to feed my horses.. and to get me back into the swing of being on someone else's schedule...

It is a GREAT little clothing shop.
Locally owned, operated
Mostly US made clothes... not all but they really try... (Which I LOVE)
I can not wait to get into this company and start to be a part of their loyal employee family.

I can not wait.
As with any store they want you to wear their clothes ...
I like their clothes so this will be a joy!

To have a little money in my account
To be able to feed my horses...
To be able to do a few things on the estate will be WONDERFUL once again.

I can not wait.

Yesterday ... my mother and step-father came to visit.
It was so nice having someone come so close... (Gatlinburg) call ... I offered to make the short drive... but they were sweet enough to want to make the rest of the drive to me.  It was so nice to have them around again.  I've lived here 10 years (I can't believe it) and Mother has been here three times and Bill twice.  I normally make the drive "home" to them

It was so nice being able to relax in my house and visit with them.

My love to the world...

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I am expecting guest...

Yes if I do not erase this, add to it, or re-do it all together it means my out of state guest have arrived and I am estaticly enjoying thier company.

I can only hope you too enjoy time with your friends, family and loved ones when you can....


Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Our forefathers (of the US) were some of the most brilliant men but forgotten also some of the most brutal. 

We as a country have made incredibly horrific acts that should never be repeated.  Acts that other countries carry out today and we do nothing about. Yes we are a part of the world watch groups but still very little is done...Our horrifying acts were never rectified in our own country.  How can we understand, help, or even assist another country with their demons, so many ask...  when in fact we should be stopping the act from repeating?  Crimes against women, the killing of entire villages, and the systematic downsizing of an entire way of people, culture or life. 

But now ... in a time that Foreign affairs have crossed that invisible border through air space, through this machine, by the Internet we do little as CITIZENS to keep it out.  Our boarders have been crossed!    The HATE of others flows freely over the internet.  The hate of a way of life, a green envy of physical items, advantages, and the way most do not even appreciate what they have but try to appear more than they are.  It grows ... Sadly enough it grows in our own homes... brother and sisters competing to be the best, have the most, be the most popular.  Adults, Parents are suppose to be teaching, directing and raising children to think of it differently but children see it in their parents too.  It grows in our towns by neighbors wanting a bigger house than the other, wanting the newer TV, car, or even that hot tub.  It grows in our cities, states even continents.  It never stops the greed in our House, Congress and even White House has little to do with anyone but them selves.  They vote on their own pay benefits even pay raises there are many things wrong here. 

I have to concentrate on my home and my town... I am not ready to take on any more than that.  I mesh/ believe, want to live closer to mother earth.  I want to be able to take care of me then my neighbors, then my town.  I want to be a positive movement as much as others feed on the hate.  Life is short and I want to live mine in the positive even when it is raining!

I enjoy my "brothers and sisters" of humanity.
I desperately want to think the best of all humans
BUT I knowingly keep an eye for grey and dark thoughts of those around me.

I laugh... but I am also serious, that I keep an eye out for my neighbors.  I may hassle them with calls, questions, or even notes... but I watch what is going on, I watch the strange car or person at their mailboxes, the truck that turned around in their drive 4 times in the past two weeks.  The girls that cut through getting to the houses behind us.  BUT if something happened I have made a mental note of it.  I have done my part to assist in whatever the police may need for later.

I know sounds like a busy body neighbor and in one aspect I am.  I have to own that.  But in another aspect we should all watch out for each other.  Do you turn a blind eye?  Do you notice the person walking by your house deliberately looking the other way?  Do you notice the person with their belongings on their back? I mean the person not their pack, their tattered clothes? 

If someone were at your house wouldn't you want to know, wouldn't you want someone watching for that time before your fancy alarm goes off?  The alarm is not going to describe the person is it? While it is going to have their clothes if it has video abilities but is it going to notice that face before it is covered? etc...

Do everything you can for yourself, do what you can for your neighbor, do what you can for your town and together we can all keep this country safe, clean, and bring back the like of each other instead of the negatives. 

We ALL have to do our part.
my love to the world

Monday, April 22, 2013

A needed walk.

While I get to go to the estate, hear the birds, watch the squirrels and groundhogs, yesterday was so perfect and inspiring.

A girlfriend called and I jumped at the chance to spend time with her.  She showed me some walking paths on the mountain I had never explored.  With my leg as bad as it is right now I dare not chance walking alone in the woods in case it blows out and no one can find me.... or no cell signal etc... Safety first people.

At any rate with so ....... many things coming out... the valley below a beautiful green but the trees at point not yet leafed out the view was spectacular! It was a view my dear phone will never be able to catch.  It is a view few get to see! I would never be able to paint! and the fast pace of life blurs to those in a car.

It helped me to relax.
It invigorated my body instead of creating agonizing pain as I had anticipated for today.

I am encouraged to do this more often.
I am encouraged to do more nature for me....

Tomorrow ... the camera and I are going for a hike.
It is a trail used by many on the mountain. In fact I found a neighbors phone next to the creek, It was exactly like mine so... I pulled his favorites, scrolled to his wife and gave her a call on his phone.  We met him at the apple orchard, played with his lovely dogs, and gave him back his phone.

Life is good and only getting better as this energy keeps me active today.

sharing my new found energy with all.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

SO cold outside.

It's late April and 36 degrees outside. 

The heat is off, the house is cold, my body layered with clothes I had hoped to have packed for the season.

My heirloom tomato plants are safe in the house, the blooms are amazing and I long for the day I can put them in the ground and not worry of them twice a day.  My aloe plant, some other arid plant my daddy gave me.... all safe... next to the kitchen sink awaiting to get back out in the sun as soon as possible.

Water boils on the stove for my second pot of coffee. 
Tea all but gone from the night before.
Oh these are my warmth for this chilled morning.

Yes only 6am but the drier runs down in the basement, the washer on it's third load of the day.  Much has been read this morning.  As well as facebook attacked!   As so many despise the public forum; I on the other hand use it as a encyclopedia of ideas and information.... typing in green, plants, garden, grow etc... and watching several other organized pages appear.  I follow them to web sites, I see what other sites are mentioned etc... I find it as open and useful as that old encyclopedia set in the corner of my Nanny and Paw Paw's house on a rainy day.

But again we all see life differently, we all use media for different reasons; really it is no different than the glass being half full or empty.

AHhhh well... back to the real work... cleaning closets and the gust room.

I am after all getting all my little things together to get rid of them. 
1. We all need to get rid of things we no longer use.
2. My house is small and life gets all too cluttered long before we notice, so it is a good thing to just knock it out once or twice a year.
3. My neighbor plans on doing a yard sale.... I've wanted to but my drive would cause more accidents than it would bring money.  So her drive being so much safer makes life all the better for a little money to be made from things no longer needed to me.

  • My bike. ...
  • My Antique Bird Cage...
  • My collected set of Craven Porcelain ( I hate to get rid of it but hard times call for good measure)
  • A foot stool we no longer use.
  • An old side table we no longer have room for.
  • Books... so many books.... Yes I've given many to the library but they do the same... keep what they do not have and sale the rest.  At this point I need the dimes they would make so... I'll sell myself.
These are all just a few of the things I have come across the last two days. 
I am sure there is more to come....

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What to learn from Terror.

I went on with my day yesterday, I did what was on my to do list, but this morning my mind turns at a better pace as yesterday I was just angry.

Today I am thankful.  ? For What you ask!

Well my hat is off to my parents actually.  While every parent does the best they can, when they can and how they can, I was fortunate mine were planners, not preppers ( a popular new phrase) But real planners.

My parents had a pass word.
My parents had a fire escape plan (and went over it with us)
My parents had a meeting point out in public.

Yesterday as soon as the Boston Explosion happened the first thing done is turn off all cell signals.  So if someone was using a phone to trigger their bombs.   So in an age where we depend on phones we don't know simple phone numbers anymore a meeting place and time when out in public is now going to be necessary.

For years our family entertainment was Opryland Family Season Passes.  We all went our separate way and had a place and time to meet up.  NOW families need to do the same BUT also have a back up plan!

? What if you were going to meet at the finish line yesterday? Oh call me you'd say!  NO... Meet your love one at ... The corner of... blank................and ...........blank......... If something like this happened where will your back up plan be? Making your next destination more towards your car / your bus hub/  or your train stop.    It may take you hours ... but the younger the person the less they move.  SO if it is a CHILD under 12 they stand still and you have to find them... BUT they stand still at a certain place, certain area, and know not to go anywhere with a stranger, OR EVEN a family member WITHOUT the CODE WORD.... why... ? well because kids do disappear and get hurt from family members more so than strangers.  Sound strange? Well you need to look up the facts in your area not take info from a stranger like me!

No one likes to talk about these things but we are in an age where BASICS are going to have to be put back in place.  Learning from a horrible experience is exactly what we all need to do.

Please ... have a password with your kids.  For that someone picking them up from school.  For that someone getting them in the event of an emergency (you having a car wreck) Sounds crazy but the ONLY people I was allowed to go with EVER without a password were my Nanny and PawPaw no one else, not Aunt Gale, not Aunt Sheri no one!

Please make a fire escape plan with your kids.  if there is smoke coming in under your door, the knob is hot... do not open the door... open your window and climb out here, meet me at the maple tree in the front yard (and show them EXACTLY what tree you are talking about.) 
Do you have a fire ladder in your kids room? if you don't , they are not expensive and are easy to install INSIDE their room.

Sounds crazy but we all need to practice meeting up at a certain place at a certain time so IF and WHEN an emergency happens it is not alarming in itself to our children.  They need to know how this works, they need to affirm where and when before you split up.  You can not depend on a phone in any type of an emergency. 
In a car accident it could be gone, much less beet up and no longer working.
In a situation like the bombing authorities may need to stop any and all communications in order to save more lives.  That's not to say you can't use it IF you can but when practicing with your family we need to not allow the usage.

Please just think about what I am saying!
Please make plans and games with your kids so they learn not to depend on the phone! This is very important.

It was social media yesterday that assisted people because it used wifi or on line instead of basic phone systems. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

oh it hurts.

I started the day with the horses...
I then worked onto the Billing and Shipping for Pirates' Lair Motorcycle Accessories
Got a few things taken care of
Printed out 30 resumes' and decided to go down town to hand them out... try to do a face to face for the job thing...
I gave out several and got several business card to call on... or call back I should say.
No one was hiring but ... who knows about tomorrow.

I then got supplies to wrasp the horses feet.
So I called Bill and he made sure I was 1/2 way safe while I filed away the horses toes...
Yes I did my best to keep it all balanced but I suck to put it nicely.  I would not have paid anyone to do the job I did... BUT I got better at it with each foot and thus I intend to get all the better as time goes on.  Saving me on average a minimum of  3,720.00  a year on a farrier bill.  So if I get it down I'll be happy but as of this moment I am in so much pain.... OMG>>>. I can hardly move! It is a good thing our fridge went out thus all my drug reserves from the past are gone with it... Because I would take about anything at this point to be able to move... or just get comfortable enough to sleep...

But tizz life...
Trying to do my best to cut back on any amount of money I have to spend... if I can do it I will... as of right now the jury is still out.  I had to have help and the pain is unreal!

I'll see next time?
In the mean time... My love to the world.

little by little.

Yesterday was a good day.
I came up with an idea for myself and have a plan for applying for local jobs today.

I started cleaning a little more above the barn and found wild raspberry and blackberry bushes; which of course made it harder to clean the area but protecting them and not having to purchase a food bush it all the better.  Not to mention the wild things tend to really well around her so I'm all excited.

Navarre was seriously disturbed this weekend by the locals shooting off their guns, but on the good side it made him run around and get exercise in the process. He is however getting really upset with not being able to eat any grass, and it is so hard for me not to give it to him.  Grass is the most natural thing to a horse an my little boy doesn't get it.

He does however scavenge around the fence to get as much as he can! I don't do anything about it... I just let it be what it is until he gets worse and can't have even that much.

Sweet Pea was all upset yesterday with little energy? Not sure what that was about but I'll keep an eye on her today.

Oh well...

Many places to go...
Many resumes to print out...
Out into the rain today....

I'd rather be weeding the hill above the barn!

My love to the world

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Horse Helmets and Polo Wraps.

With what little I got done yesterday I was very grateful for help from my hubby today!
With this help I enjoy knowing my 16 foot gate is finally back where it belongs and expected to stay this time.

As news predicted a storm headed this way and its aggressions to everyone west of us I started preparing things for the worst yesterday.

So horse helmets and polo leg wraps are at the barn... along with new / fresh supplies in the horse emergency kit.   NO I do not expect to use them but one must be prepared for the worst.  The weather alert is on and if need be I'll rush to the barn to wrap the kids...

All my plants will appreciate this expected flash flood, although I do hope the hail doesn't do much damage to them.  My strawberries are full of blooms as are the apple trees and tiny little peach tree.  I have not checked on the pear,  cherry, or plum... much less the almond tree.

Maybe after this flash flood I can burn down the garden area a little better.

I hope to have a job soon!
Although knowing I am getting a little more accomplished each day at the barn is a welcoming comfort when little else goes easily my way.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ONE pissed off WOMAN

I had a list of things to do today. 

I got up early, put all my ducks in a row, made sure I had as much done as I could...
I had called to have the "rented" hay barn open.
I had called and reserved two men who wanted to do some farm work... I specifically said hay and mulch.

I got my resume sent out
I got all my applications filled and done
I did all the shipping etc for pirates' lair
got all the lunch supplies in the truck plus 6 drinks, and candy bars for energy.
I was leaving the house by 8 to go get the guys and get to work.

Got there one couldn't make it but was replaced by another guy.
Worker A and Worker B
Immediately worker A starts dogging the guys at the VA that have an organic garden.  BLAH BLAH BLAH.... I tried to blow it off.  We all do things differently and I am the FIRST to be VERY opinionated.   But even after my telling him we all do gardens different, his way was the only way not once, not twice.... it didn't stop. Then the conversation got worse. Then the conversation went into OFF the WALL theories of what is wrong with this country.  And trust me I think a lot of things are wrong...

I asked them not to smoke near the barn! Worker A did... I asked him not to #1... I looked at him nasty #2 .....and I went OFF #3. With me with anything... three strikes your OUT...  It's my barn and he was not 20 feet away from open hay with the wind/ breeze that was blowing towards my barn that was not 15 feet away!  THAT WAS THE STRAW that broke the camels back.  I flew off on the guy!  

I had to take them both back not getting to finish 1/2 of what I wanted to.  Worker A worked not 1/3 of Worker B .... ? With my bad back, with my arm messed up, I had to pick up the slack that was not getting done but I was paying for.

Here I am trying to do my own part, support myself off my property and this guy wants to tell me what I'm doing wrong!   What is right for me is not wright for others.... What works on my land may not work well a mile down the road.  What I choose to eat, plant and preserve in some form or another may not work for anyone else....

So lets just put the Internet straight!   I do what ever I can to support myself.  I do what ever I can to not purchase or vote for things or people that I do not agree with in their descriptions/ campaigns.  I choose not to make the same mistake twice when it comes to politics and their lies. 

I Believe that no one in the service of the country should ever make more than the AVERAGE WAGE of the average citizen.  If you are in politics for money I want you OUT it was intended to be a SERVICE not a LIFESTYLE!  I believe that NOT the congress, nor the house should EVER have the right to control their own salary.  I believe it should be a given calculation based on US average wages.  Thus... like today when so many are out of a job and so many are being cut in hours their pay would go DOWN.  I believe if the country prospers and is run in the black/green like any other industry then it can be voted on by the citizens IF they may get a 2% raise for that ONE term.  I believe there should be TERM limits from the white house down to every seat held.

I agree that the ONLY people in the service of the country that should make more than the average wage is ANY and ALL of those that are on the front lines in an active war site.  I believe any human or animal given time in a war should have life benefits.  I like the 20 year for full if only in active duty (being different that war time)

I believe in welfare! BUT I believe if one generation gets it the next can not,  so it can not become a lifestyle.  I believe it can only be used to help a person RISE to a new level not stay in their comfort level or situation.  We all have to grow, if you are not willing to grow then you are not my problem.

I believe in Medicaid.  BUT I believe in re-training...  and I believe too many take advantage of the system having learned from the generation before. 

I believe in closed boarders.
I believe we should allow more people in Legally.  But they should pay taxes from day one, no medical, no food stamps, and we should not pay for their incarceration.

Which brings me to an even larger issue... How did TV, Computers, A/C and so much more become a part of the basics.  Food, Clothing, Shelter.... They (prisoners) should have to work to pay for their own expenses.  Why do they have more than me? Why are their comforts a given right? They forfeited their rights when they broke the law!  Why should they have no responsibility and then somehow fit into society if they get out? This makes no sense to me....

Ok... so today was one of my worst days in a LONG time. 
I understand if you do not agree with me.
I understand and respect if you have your own ideas.
BUT don't ever think YOU or ANYONE ELSE has the right to come on my property and preach to me about what I am doing wrong.  When I am doing all I can.

Suggestions yes! But scolding me for mulching! for cleaning my water troft, and only having two drinks per person for the first few hours ( while it is still cool ).... ONE PISSED OFF WOMAN!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Old two wheel gravely.

I know I am a little slow when it comes to electronics THUS I enjoy OLD machines.
Things that are so easy to work on everything you would ever need could be put in a tool belt and be fully supplied for life.

I was shown grace by my father when he offered me his old gravely years ago after Jerry and I purchased the tiny six acres I call our estate.  Sense then my old machine has worked NOT worked, worked and NOT worked more than anything else.  It is the gas! It is the fact that I have to rebuild the carburetor each time I go to start it.  What ever... but I can not afford a tractor, and the tiny tractors I may be able to finance will do little to nothing compared to this old two wheel gravely I have.

Dad had an old 68... I now have an old 76... BUT I have all his accessories, the only thing I do not have is a manure spreader which would be nice but not necessary.

As each year when by my frustrations grow with this machine... it is a love hate relationship.  When it runs I love it! When it gives me trouble, makes me take everything apart a hundred times I get pissy about it.   BUT ... it is a life saver with six tiny acres and no one else but me.

YES at times I get some guys to help me... but they know nothing about the property, the machine, what I dream of and are not ? well lets say... the most experienced with either property or machines.  And one that is; is always wanting to rebuild a part of my machine I do not want him to touch.  It is OLD it uses packing grease NOT oil.  Even old parts I have rebuilt, or had to repurchase after an accident the "man who knew it all" had it full of oil... I am so glad I opened it up before I attached it!

So I had been trying to find a part the guys lost taking the machine apart when I wasn't around.  Even had a metal detector guy come out to try to find it.  No luck.

So I had looked and looked on line.  No part.  NO I do NOT know the name of it.... That is most of my problem.  I went through parts sites, I went through every book I could find.  But somehow Jerry got up tight about helping me... we didn't see eye to eye... (what's new) The only thing I had not done is to call every phone number on line I could find about the old thing... So today I started calling everyone.  Most of the numbers were disconnected one told me I was crazy, I had no idea what I needed... Then I found a guy named Roger who understood when I explained all the attachments are the same sizes and it was connector or adaptor thing I was looking for.  

He asked me a few questions, he asked for a few pictures.  and didn't think I was crazy!

I sent him three emails with photos...
and I can't wait for him to call me back with a part name, # or better yet a PRICE! and shipping quote.

Oh well a woman waiting by the phone.

Monday, April 8, 2013

its killing me.

my arms kept me awake last night.
my hands and wrist are swollen this morning.
my legs ache
and my back is killing me....

Whats the problem?
OH just all the work I did Saturday and Sunday.  I never stopped.  I enjoyed being out in the sun.  I took a book and my glasses but never stopped long enough to break open the book, much less sit and relax.  It was just too perfect of a day to not be doing something in the dirt.

While it doesn't sound like much I cleared a small section above the barn that was engrossed with multi flora rose ... this stuff is NASTY... completely destroyed a pair of my good leather gloves, I will have to replace these as soon as I can.

It feels good to see the ground under some of the large trees.  I did leave some of the native herbs, violets, and another ground cover that is not poisonous.   These are all good to protect the bare soil until I figure out what I want to do...

Life is good my little beds of cold crops are doing wonderfully, which is my personal concern so I have food till the hot weather foods can be put in and produce... Which is basically not until the last of the summer and fall.  SO...

My tomato plants in the house are doing ok... I brought home some potting soil to put them in larger pots at some point this week.  Life is good and things are going as they should...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

got a lot done.

I got so much done yesterday ... I feel good about it.

I did get the six raspberry plants in the ground, although one was damaged... I did my best to revive it but only time will tell.

I got most of my small chores done at the barn and the next few days will allow me to get into more detail of them all.

I am hoping not to forget the scissors for Navarre today but... I'm likely to forget once again.

Today I hope to focus on cutting brier bushes from around the front of the barn.  I have no more money to get edible plants for the year so bushes and trees will just have to wait.

Mulch is my next issue.  ?
Keeping all my cold crops healthy with water is a large issue this week as the temperature rises and not leaves are in to protect them in the heat of the day yet.  Next chance of rain is not until Friday... at this point.

So I need to get in my hay before the rain comes in.
I need to keep all the bushes I just planted watered and all the cold crops at the barn and around the house.

As I type the plants not in the ground are soaking in the kitchen sink... but what I didn't get done yesterday I will get finished today at lunch by the latest hour. 

Taking a book and glasses to the barn to relax in the sun in between my cutting briers...

My love to the world...

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Finally a beautiful day!

Actually I put my details on my other blog today.... my horse/ barn blog
Step by step what my plan is posted in the above blog.

But as I type this blog one bird on the computer screen...begging for attention. One bird still on the wing back, the other... has flown back to her room enjoying peace before I take the others back in and they start screaming at each other for the morning.  I enjoy their rattle! I enjoy even more one (Lolitta) telling the others to stop screaming! or Stop It! and yelling their names Maya... Teallie... until they do.

(yes I spell their names weird.... but who cares it is not like they want a cup, key chain, or room plaque with their names!!!! ha  ha ha...)
Life with parrots is wonderful they have SO much personality!

Oh well...
My day starts.. please refer to my other blog for the days details... copy or cut and paste will not work in this situation as on this blog the words would appear white and unreadable.... and the program doesn't work well with my document program on this lap top.

Life is good
and getting all the better ...

BUT today is a day about SUN, Labor, and getting horses, bushes, and food settled for the week.

My love to the world.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Life in a panic

Last night, after such a rough day for the horses my caretaker instincts took over and my worry button turned into a panic attack. 

I went to bed last night at my normal time (always early) but I was back up and wide awake by 11:30pm so I took an over the counter sleep aid.  With all the panic it never kicked in.  I was back up by 1am re-doing my resume, playing with new cover letters constructions.  I think I finally fell asleep about 5am my normal UP time.

What triggered all this?
The cold, the fact that if the horses got SERIOUSLY sick I would not have the 12 to 15 thousand dollars for surgery.  It all just started adding up it was a crap ball that rolled down hill picking up speed and collecting more issues as it rolled faster and faster in my mind.

My eye lids are heavy this morning, my body aches, although still on my first pot of coffee life is going to be slow today.

  • I have applied to more jobs on line this morning.
  • I have an electronic transfer of funds to confirm to the Netherlands today.
  • I have plants that need to get in the ground at the house.
  • AND I am going to call a friend that said he would help me with my resume and cover letters and get a new grounding for the next week.

As far as the horses...
  • I need to get worming paste! And may as well make the trip pay for itself by getting feed in the same time.
  • I need to talk to a hay guy about possibly purchasing hay and keeping it in his barn for the year if possible!  
  • I need to call the vet again as I have a list of farriers but no phone numbers.
  • I am going to go to the barn of a friend and see if I can't take the horses there for a simple trim until I can find a farrier I love and trust with my "kids" (horses)
The day is going to be beautiful regardless of what ever the weather does.
I am better today, for taking the time to listen to my body last night, make a list that will ease my fears, and setting forth a plan to make sure it does not happen again.

Wow... no it's after noon and I have at least gotten my shipping, billing,and paperwork done.  I have also completed the transfer.  I have checked on the horses, gotten them their hot mash for the morning. Checked over them well enough.  Went to see that friend and he agreed not only to help me with my situation but to show me some starter work on keeping the horses toes trimmed.  Got the kitchen straight again, and just now sitting down for my breakfast... yes... after noon but I eat small meals and I'll eat again in a few hours.  I'll call ups in a moment, I'll call the vet yet again , I'll call the hay guy last. 

The sun is out... and I am about to go get the worm paste, horse feed, and I supose I'll pick up some more garden soil for the raised beds. 

I'll wait for the rain to evaporate for a few days before I bucket up some well composted manure for the raised beds and the garden ground area.  LIFE doesn't wait... but does allow one like me to at least plan a little...

Laughs all around.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yep it's April and I'm all bundled up in insulated overalls good hiking boots I use for the barn and plenty of layers to even sit in my own home.  I even had to put the boot driers back in...

The ice has finally melted but the horses have suffered so I gave them an extra feeding today, extra oil and extra hay.  A horse can only do so much once they are wet through and through in such cold...

It is 7:30 as I type this and a mere 37 degrees not what I expected for the day, never reached the high predicted of 42.  It has been gray all day!

BUT all those plants I put in the ground are wet and happy! I think they will be just fine and be all the more sweet for such a struggle today!

I can not wait for the weather to be more of a norm.
I can't wait for mild spring days where I am not so worried about my horses.

I have several plants on my kitchen table that need to be planted.

Asian Cabbage
purple kohlrabi
and three of everything I planted at the barn as well.

I also have black tomatoes .... Cherokee and German... ( they are on the table for a while) I only got them because they were cheap plants AND around here when you can plant them all the heirlooms are GONE!   Go I will have to put these in pots and transplant them yet again AFTER MOTHERS DAY for my area!   Yep!

The Frost date for where I am is normally after Mothers Day! So just one more plant to pamper along with my lemon grass left over from last year and my canalilys I use in the water pond.

I tried saving as many plants as I could in the birds room but... there was not enough light for most of them to survive so.... I will need more BIO plants to clean my water once again AFTER the frost date... just one more thing to have to save for!

What is my plan for tomorrow?

Dig 6 holes for Raspberries... I only today figured out where I wanted to put them.  My original plan was put off for a year due to the guys I had helping me set up the raised beds I was going to put them in.   BUT all the better for yet other berries I will get next year!   Onward we move!   Food is my main goal!

WHAT the Heck?

It is April...
I do live in the South, Right?
It is freezing here! yep sleet bounces off the windows,  High is 45 for the day! and back into the freezing temperatures tonight. 

I'm in a panic trying to get HOT mash to my horses... but it has to sit, absorb all the water... THEN I pour more boiling water over it once again just to make sure AND to have it perfectly HOT when I pour it out in this fridgid cold.

I have the blankets in the drier! Not to dry them but to heat them up so I can wrap them in a blanket and put them on the kids nice and warm.

I am also hoping my poor plants are going to survive this freezing weather! 
Yesterday as I brushed Navarre each time I cleaned my brushes I put the hair around my plants... they were watered well as of last night and mulched only directly under each plant.  I had planned to expand the mulch as the horses loose more hair each day.  BUT I will NOT be brushing my horses today thus NOT mulching the plants today.

Oh how this day has started in a panic... Panic for my cold horses and slight worry for my plants as they will be my food.  GOOD thing is... if they survive they will be all the sweeter for this cold cold spurt of air.... YES!

lettuce heads
and standard cabbage... all in the ground right now!

Monday, April 1, 2013

new plantings

Well I got to work in the dirt today.
As Lilly was brushing Navarre, Sweet Pea was out to pasture so not to distract him.  We also tried something new tying him to a place where he is not allowed to eat and his hair would not get into his hay.

We have had so much rain as of late my water container over flows but is still sure to go dry if we have a dry summer. I desperately need to figure out the next water container.  But again that will require a job in order to purchase parts I will need.

Aside of purchasing a water container I could start digging the ditch of which the next under ground piping would go.  But that would also require me less time on the net applying for jobs.  What little time I spend here is mostly a copy and paste situation where I can write up things off line and then post again once I get a connection, so not to waste wireless time.

Today I dug holes...
Got two hosta dry roots planted
three hucera dry roots planted and have several more things to go.  It looks like a very strange arrangement from the ground BUT I wanted to make sure nothing was blocked when viewing from the deck...  So very messy looking planting that I hope to fill in as time progresses, plants mature and multiply, eventually filling in the entire little area. Leaving me a place with low maintenance in the end... Wish me luck!!!!!

Shade plants are something I have never had to research until we got this little lot.  Growing up one only worried about food and full sun.  Other than the Lily of the Valley that Aunt Mary had, that mother put under the deck, that is now probably mowed over by the new owner not paying attention to such a fragrant, lovely, small reward as the fragile lily of the valley I treasure so much.

I had a friend in St Louis, that I rarely hear from these days.  She is chic I am country. She is smart I am simple. She is an amazing woman and I miss talking to her.... but alas communication is a two way street.  SHE had amazing knowledge of shade plants, I wish I had her brain to pick.