Thursday, August 29, 2013

I typed out a lot, actually a page and a half.
I find in my re-reading.. I am too tired to be on the computer.

I will no longer be taking care of extra animals as of Saturday.
I hope to make another post then.

Until I can ...
Until I have the energy...
Until my limbs and core are no longer in such stress or pain.

My love to the world.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Once again I got that phone call that tells me the status of a family member.  While this member is barely older than I am, this member is in the winter season of life.  Having said that these calls have me thinking deeper and deeper in thought about the prep of the investable outcome.    All my black is hanging in a carry bag in my closet. 

Of all the things rushing through my mind!  Disturbing in the fact that I can't be relaxed and be myself with my own things IF I want to come home with them?    IT is SOoooo sad that I have to think things through.  While I am not totally attached to my material things, it is just SO SAD that I can't be relaxed about what I take with me. Sadly I will take my backpack instead of a purse; the backpack has no resale value.  My purses could be sold easily on line, or a pawn shop; only because my purses where saved up for and planned for at least a year before I purchased any of them. 

I can only say THIS way of thinking is exactly why I choose to cut back on my material things, hopefully get into a smaller house etc... I do not want to be a part of this type of a world.  I want a world I can trust and not think twice about.

While in reality this is not going to happen

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Well... lets see?

I am still in a brace but trying to come out of it. Thanks to LOTS of physical therapy and much acupuncture.    Using both has been the most progress I have made in a long time.

Pain is still there but trying to work through it. 
Heat still comes
Swelling is still a daily issue.
There is nothing going away I am simply trying to work through it to meet the goal of getting a replacement. 

I am however getting back on my one horse as he is not as sensitive as my sweet pleasing mare.  Navarre is allowing me to ride although he is bent and confused he is doing all he can to deal with my metal up against his ribs.

Life today is strange.
58 degrees in the early morning and about to go for that strange, walking sideways ride on my little fat boy.

I'll write more  later as I am off the next few days.