Friday, August 12, 2016

No sun!

There has been little to no sun for days.

Today is as dark as yesterday, thus allowing me to transfer some plants into smaller containers for a smaller house.  I got some grass seeded at the barn, only a small portion of the pasture because after all it could get so hot and kill it by the time the rainy season does arrive, BUT I couldn't pass up the perfect conditions for sewing some seeds.

I will however have to weed and feed this winter to make sure everything comes up better for next year.   I'm working on a TINY section of the pasture.  Too small in fact to support a horse but it is a start and about as large an area as I can afford to support at this point.

I have to admit ...
I'm a little scared of what ever is going on in codes.  This may in fact put a stop to everything I'm trying to do for Jerry and I to survive more easily, pay off what little debt his business has acquired.   Like all things there are bridges to cross, and prices to be paid... we shall see what comes of it!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Codes and myself.

I'm not sure where I stand with codes... I've spoken to more than one person, and up the latter to the person over the department.  Basicly I have to have the container certified as an RV or a camper if I want to get around codes.

It is going to take every penny I have just to get the well dug, the electric run to the property AND get my septic put in place.  Three things for just a little over what I wanted to spend for the entire project.

I have to start talking to tiny house builders in the state to see how I can get the containers certified. Then I still have to save up the money for a foundation and rooms in the containers.

Life is going well in that I have plenty of work, my body is starting to get adjusted.  Trust me NOT adjusted but not aching with every breath I take. I do however find it very hard to shuffle all the duties, any customer service, and still do my job to any type of responsibility.

With calls into codes everyday, with their insisting I have a NC engineer sign off on anything I'm doing, while still trying to keep the barn, horses, house, and not to forget the little that goes on with Pirates' Lair... I well ...I think I'll end up certifiably crazy at some point.

Sweet Pea is in really bad shape.  She has blown a tendon again, limps hobbles, and basically doesn't move all day.   Which is good but not so good when bears are out trying to fatten up!

I had a list of to do's today that was a mile long.
I got it all done in record time!

I got it all done because I love the rain!   It keeps so many inside or away, but I could not care less!
got grease fittings for the gravely, a tube of grease for the grease gun, got food for next week made and planned. made ant poison,  Got small things at the kitchen store, Everything fell in place today while tomorrow will be a total loss I'm sure.

My list tomorrow is..
transfer mother in law's tongue
transfer some aloe
make water container set up birds room.
Clean birds room
PLANT grass at the barn!

If I get all this done I'll be sitting pretty for the next day off!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Today has gone softly.

Today has gone softly meaning... as a rare oddity it has gone in a wonderful pace.

It started with a 7 -7:30 am drink at the local coffee house with a dear friend more like family than outsider.

It then turned to a trip into town to get supplies.
     Soap, body and hand
     Basic foods, hemp, flax, and fresh veggies.

I stopped by my old job, caught up with the two women on hand came home to plan my menu for the week.

At home made two lunches for the week ahead.

Then met with a contractor for the tiny house for the estate.
     I got two names that will further my cause and ability to live debt free.
     Much information given swapped and more tracking, learning and possible favors to call in.

I got home and immediately called the two names given.
     I have an estimate from a water/ well digger!
     I have a call into for an appointment with a county permit guy and can only hope both calls are returned...

At this point I have a full belly, Jerry is out replacing the dog cable he ran over with the lawnmower, and we both await a call from a long ago friend of his in town ( a normal occurrence ).

Dog is on the sofa asleep and I'm about to take my magnesium to go to sleep soon.

A full day of nothing and lots all in the same breath!

Good news is Jerry and I agreed on where the tiny house goes, How we want it to sit.  And how we want it to end up.

With the contractor much was discussed... he suggested ... an RV or mobile home for the amount of money we want to spend, but I just can't do that.  SO the budget must be expanded and life goes on as it always does... Money, Interest, and Equity are all up in the air.  SO much going on it makes the head spin, so little in movement it makes the body scream in agony. LIFE is always a test and today is yet another day to test my patience , my organization skills, and my budgeting ability.   A soft day in the world for one person, a blink of the eye for humanity.  

Friday, August 5, 2016

Taking my lunches.

Life at the new job is going ... hard, hectic, and well.

I should start to get adjusted soon BUT we never really know.

I hope to make it my 90 days and I hope to make it my lifestyle for my future.  I need a job for two years before I can start to estimate how much it will cost me, much less be able to save for actually building a HOUSE we will make a home on our little estate.

My muscles are not hurting quite as badly as they did in the beginning, but having just finished my first 8 day straight with no day off was challenging, physically demanding, and mentally fatiguing to say the least.

I can say I love how the company I am now working for does recycle everything it puts out or sends to the stores.  plastic wrap, cardboard, pallets and more.  I like how everyone is actually responsible for everything BUT there is no REAL teamwork between the associates in my little store. This too shall change as all the new people learn more, are able to do more and are more timely in their abilities.  (including myself... especially myself) As always I demand a lot of myself, but having persons come down on me for little things is hard.  The 6am and after 11pm thing is a more than a little hard it is down right nearly impossible for me.   I suffer, I ache, and I ... well can't function well.

Is it that I am too old?
Is it that my brain no longer learns new things well?
Is it that I am too stressed to take on new task?
I desperately wish I knew my true inabilities instead of just freaking out with all the new task feeling like bait on a fish line.

Planning lunches, taking lunches because there are no ways of going on in what little time I have for lunch.  This week I plan for potato salad, quiche, and a salad or nuts each day rotating OR dolmas from TJ when ever I don't feel like eating what I have planned.

potato salad fairly cheap to make,
Quiche, easy... spinach in the freezer, a good sharp cheese, a mixture of dried/rehydrated mushrooms from the freezer, good heavy cream, large eggs and life gets better with each bite... lol...
nuts I've mixed for myself, dolmas in a can from Trader Joes; and if all fails an Apple or Banana with peanut butter. and always TEA ... Every other day I make tea. I can't stand drinking water unless I really have to

Salads, and small portions rule my lunches because if I eat too much too quickly i end up being too tired to function as I need to the rest of the day.

Lunches.... Taking, Controlling, (portion control, and money) and planning is what my life runs around on my time off.  Saving money is a big deal... every penny I save goes into the tiny house plans.

Daddy has the plans laid out. I like his thoughts and Jerry even approves.. But my first hard spot and brick wall have met.

I need to have a well dug, a septic done before I can even look at moving the containers into place.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Going out is rare

I've been weeks with no money.  I was offered a job asked when I could put in my notice and in doing so they left me yet another two weeks before training. ... now I've been there two weeks yet.... and still not a single pay check in 6 weeks because the only pay every 2 weeks and of course I missed the mark. So going out 4 coffee with a girlfriend is a big deal... mentally and financially. So if I'm going out... I'm not going to drink from a paper cup I'm going  to relax in the shade and type this on my phone before she gets here... I'm always early!!!! You can say my parents drilled it into me!

Monday, July 25, 2016

1st step taken.

Simply Amazing....

     Yesterday was the first day my time at work did not feel like an Army Boot Camp.  Generally speaking it's grab, stack, stock, as fast as you can, then ring sling and buggy as fast as you can.  I have a hard time doing all of it!   Literally the first day I was sweating like a lathered horse, second day NOT quite as much, mornings are easier BUT a quicker pace to ready before customers and it is hard to be quicker when you have only a general idea of where things belong. I have no idea where 99% of things are.

     I have a hard time slinging and stacking things when I in fact get disappointed if someone smashes pre shredded cheese (not GF) I purchase for Jerry.  No one wants to pay extra money for a packet of cheese when a block is cheaper only to have it turned into a blob...ha ha ha... I do my best heavy up front under basket, (milk, juice, or cans) boxes and non squashed things in front of buggy ( boxes lined up if I can allowing me yet another layer to stack heavier things on if needed)  and bread eggs and fragile items in the child seat (if there is no child then... well all is fair game) and anything goes.

     As far as grab, stack, stock is concerned I have got to be the worst of the lot, but I am learning as fast as I can.  I am starting to grasp areas but not specifics.  

     I do see why people do not stick with this job.  I do see why they get out instead of staying where benefits nearly double your actual pay.   But for me, for my household the benefits are what will keep me if I last my 90 days.  Don't get me wrong1  I want to surpass any and all goals set before me I want to learn it all faster than anyone else but reality is... I'm am what I am and I can only do my best at any given time.

     Physical progress made is incredible.  While my body aches, and I still crouch and hover as I start to walk after sitting, I am not having to take as much pain meds, I am not having to rub magnesium gel on every part of my body.  Today I only treated my knees, and right arm, although I do still need it in my drink each night.   I find it amazing after only two weeks my arms have a little definition, as does my left good leg.  My right leg has a knot where I thought muscle was no longer accessible.  Yes it aches but I'm happy to have anything in a leg of mush!  My doctors will be thrilled!

     My animals are all a muck, horses as stated previously upset with new feed times, birds... well today was the first to do an hour with them, and the dog thinks I've deserted her and left her to Jerry.  She physically jumps on me, sits on me and lies so I can not move.  She is confused but will adjust as time progresses and I get a grip on how things work, how physically tired I am, and how mentally I am drained from not understanding anything.

     I miss my friends, I miss the relaxation at the barn, I miss SO much but now is a time for me to nourish the land so I can later plant seed for a bountiful crop later.  Each step is for a better life later. The first step was to get my body acclimated to the new physical demands.  And like the steps of the acropolis and the parthenon the steps are tall and not taken lightly but with real effort. So having taken the first real step in this job my body starts to take hold, starts to allow me to make the rest of the steps instead of struggling each day to pure exhaustion.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

WOW... survival.

First thing is the new job is kicking my butt!

While not the most intellectually challenging job it is the most multi task, and physical job I've taken since I was in my twenties.  

It's 4am as I type this and I've been up since 2am.  I have to get my coffee in the Pirates' Lair minimal billing and shipping done, get to the barn feed the horses, get back and take a shower get to work leaving by 5:30 and clock in by 6am.    I get off around 2pm which sounds great but getting to sleep early enough to function the next day is difficult.   BUT this too will change as winter allows me to sleep earlier.

I've always been sun up sun down kind of sleeper but this first and second shift changing is a challenge for me.  There is SO much information that comes into my brain and no common sense as to why it is the way it is.

I've only been at this store for one week and I've only been able to experience working with the same crew twice.  Otherwise I have to withhold my judgement so not to base it on first impressions OR the fact that everyone has a bad day and I could be the newbie causing it!

Frustration occurs, mostly because I am a full picture type of person, I have to understand the who what when where why and how to learn how to figure out how I can go about something and not do it a hundred times.  I'm not able to get all this information as of yet SO.... My frustration, my constant questions, and need for assistance is wearing everyone around me (including and especially myself)  thin on nerves.

Horses are not happy with feed changes, Birds are upset at not having as much attention (I'm gone by sun up and only 2 hours of house time after I get home) I can't sit with them for an hour much less engage them in play or loving.  I can only hope Jerry can make up some of that slack as I am not around.  

Strangely enough I think being on the closing shift may suite me better, but again I really don't have all the information I need to even make that decision.

I get great direction from the manager, she actually gives me all the information I need to make an informed decision. I am learning so much it is not funny, but I do already have ideas of how things could go so much easier at a store level IF I make it my 90 days I'll make a suggestion and see what others think.

I've painted my nails for the day and need to get my shower!
Much love to the world..

OH can't forget my knife for the day, must return Sam's I borrowed yesterday.
Knife, Watch, and a key ring holder is needed... three things for my first pay check?

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Simply missing!

While the watch has been VERY hard to find I did in fact find a silly $60.00 swatch to order on line, I'm just waiting for that first paycheck.

When there are changes in life we find we are using muscles we haven't used in forever!
While I do squats, throw hay, shovel manure, and whatever else I can these days  My experience with the new job has been ... well physically challenging.

I have to remember I haven't been able to ride in a year because of my arm, leg, and schedule.  So moving cases of glass filled jars has put my leg and arm to task.  As of last Wednesday I really thought I wasn't going to make it with the job.  Not only physically but mentally as well (another day)... Physically I could hardly walk, I was dragging my leg around the house, wensing with each movement when I had to call a friend and say HELP!!!!!

If you know me... I have an issue with asking for help, when I ask I'm really desperate!  I had taken all I could over the counter and I was reluctant to take my prescriptions (why? because I am having to focus on learning as well and can't afford not to be "sharp" in my learning phase) Not to mention I HATE taking them as they totally mess with the rest of my body.   At any rate this friend was SO helpful and clearly stated... start simple... Magnesium first!

She gave me a list of Magnesium products... In a panic having spent 2 hours looking for a watch I was about to fall apart and still had a full day of work to do.  I got what I could afford (having spent my watch money) and rolled up my pant leg in the parking lot and rubbed on magnesium gel.  I also took some other products she suggested... turmeric which I normally take but had run out of and a painkiller as well.  ALL over the counter, all natural.  

I had read several magnesium advertisements, and thought yeah right! As if anything can really do so much.... And stupidly while supplementing my horses because their hay (core tested) never carries all the minerals and whatnot they need I never took into account after moving to the Appalachian Mountains, I might need to be supplemented for a few things as well.  I eat as local as I can, grow as much as I can, and eat as fresh as I can.  Doing so in an area (some of the oldest mountain in our little world) there are several minerals missing.  Selenium, Magnesium, and too many others to list here.  Doing only a little research and trusting an RN that is holistic as well did a world of wonders for me!

I also got lucky and got to SIT and learn computer work, processes, and customer service things for the day, resting my leg without having to say anything.  I did however have to use my arm which is another problem not being a simple muscle issue.  (yet again another day)

But Magnesium has not only helped with my muscle aches, it has allowed me to sleep better and be more calm in my daily functions, at home and work.  I'm still so highly/ tightly strung few know how to handle me... but...  I WILL get there and be able to calm my world again.

Simple simple simple... loving this new thought process.  Life is getting cleaner, easier, and eventually will be back on track!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The simplest things can be hard to find.

Today I spent two hours looking for a simple analog watch.
I don't need anything expensive!
I don't need anything fancy!
No one said going simple was going to be easy, but a watch? no one has a basic, natural color OR just tint and shades, NOT hot pink, baby blue, white on white on rhinestones!

I went to two sporting/ camping places downtown, then to the mall hoping I'd find something.  With NO luck I walked longer than I should have.  Sears, JCPenney, Dillards, etc... They all had watches; but they were all "bling" and bigger than my wrist. Stopped by yet another store on my way through town again to work.

No one seems to be keeping a simple watch in stock.   Everyone has a phone attached to their hip, and expects no one wants a watch.  When I lock my phone in my locker during work so as to concentrate on my task at hand, but learning my new job I need to be able to time myself on task, AND, watch for time to start my closing duties a good two hours before closing.  I simply want an analog with a second hand, numbers are optional, BUT I want it to be water resistant, doesn't need to be waterproof, but no one has them any more.  I don't like to put on jewelry every day.  I don't like to change out my rings, bracelets, etc... and besides with  the new job all of this needs to be kept to a minimal.

I was amazed, the "child size" watches were like an old 50 cent piece, and the adult size watches were like the early 18-1900 Silver Dollars. Iwould like to have something more the size of a quarter.  Basically the kids watch would have looked large, but the adult thing... is the size of my wrist and full of rhinestones loud colors etc... I had one young man hoping to sell me a basic watch telling me it was water resistant.  When I read the warranty, NOT at all! not even for washing dishes.

So tomorrow I borrow Jerry's travel digital and look online for something that is more to my taste.  A swatch would do me just fine!   We shall see!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Finding or recognizing yourself

     In the midst of throwing things away, and keeping others, allowing everything to mix marry and serve two if not several purposes you come to recognize little things you have forgotten; NOT intentionally.  But in the midst of us allowing life's issues to  get in the way we forget our passions, or deepest wants and needs so we can make it through the day on to the week and quite frankly as an "American" culture we simply live to work so we have enough money to dream of doing something but so few of us ever actually DO that something.

     I'm pretty much a gypsy at heart! If alone I could move from place to place and explore the earth for the rest of my days.  While frowned upon in many cultures; thinking it means you stay dirty, never commit to anything, have no education, no real purpose in the world.  I say its still a dream for many!

     While I am committed and have a husband and many (too many) animals to consider to be moving about, it doesn't mean I don't want SOME aspect of the modern gypsy vibe in my home.  In fact the plates in this photo were purchased long before Jerry was a part of my life. The frame a brilliantly perfect observation and gift from his loving daughter. And the glass, well a hand made item I pick up again over 20 years ago before Jerry was around.  He came with the typical black bachelor plates, a WHITE sofa and beautiful hand woven rugs; all in colors that I would ruin in a day considering how earthy my life is.  Thank goodness all of these have his ocean life colors AND my earthy colors a great way for us both to be happy with the decor.

     Of course over time we decided to travel instead of worrying about the decor of our home.  We love our little old house.... Hardwood floors, solid doors, brass knobs, and skeleton keys!  A lovely little stone cottage but... NO insulation! well barely under the floor to the basement but no where else! Stone, PLASTER, and wood that's it.  It had coal furnace when we moved in, it filled the basement and HAD to go!

     So going tiny I'm making a point to keep the things that can speak to us both and bring our love for ocean and mountain together!   Going small also allows me to spend my money on things I really like such as the hardwood floor for the container; not having to floor a 1000 square foot house or larger I can afford the floors I want!  Oak, Bamboo, or ? what ever!

     Bamboo floors would give us a nice light airy feeling, I of course will have to weigh the life, cost, and look against other floors but that too will come in time as long as I stay in the color families above!   My new / OLD color palette I always had in mind and never did anything about.  To start dreaming again... The yellow vase that will hold kitchen utensils I use everyday, those blue wine bottles I can turn into kitchen lights over time...  blah blah blah...

     Trash leaves the house and my mind isn't so cluttered any more either! Nice to have a little creativity creep back into you life.  Funny how it all happens, but happening it is!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What keeps me going.

     What is it that keeps me going with this Minimal thing?

     Well its all about debt! No one likes it but so few really do anything about it.

     We do not want to live in debt, we want to live a life of travel, fun, and doing all we can, while we can, in reality who doesn't?  The problem is you actually have to do something about it.

     So cleaning out my crap, not adding to it unless it is something required for basic living, for work, or needs to be replaced will also allow me NOT to add to any debt. It will keep us grounded on what is important.

     How does that make us any different than anyone else?  It doesn't! I just dream of owning what ever it is we live in, drive, or manage.  Property, House, Car,  Furniture, Student Loans, Large Screen TV? the home improvements, and don't forget EVERY credit card you have. How long would it take for you to pay it all off if you could put half of your income to your debt? The point is not leaving anything out and not living from paycheck to paycheck, but actually having more than half of your paycheck to put back for retirement, emergencies, or putting back one month for travel each year.

     Having a free life for me ... means for me to earn two weeks vacation a year and us to travel every six months with little worry financially.  Can you imagine?  I can understand if your dream of travel is making it to the coast sitting on a beach with a perfectly cold drink.  Mine is exploring the back roads or back streets of a city older than our country, pushing my limits of hiking, riding, and walking while eating things I would never try at home.  Seeing how others live and learning from cultures few think of.

Travel, Exploration, and Learning are what keep me going.

Monday, July 11, 2016

"DIET" and CLUTTER, and Thanks but NO THANKS!

No one likes the word ...

     No one likes the stress of doing without, Stress, Cravings, and that ... Oh just once that makes that last 10 pounds even harder!

     Going minimal is much like a diet!   It make no sense to me! I had to loose weight for the benefit of my right leg of which has been limiting sense the age of 10.  Having said as much, diets didn't work; it had to be a life long change of life style.  I GRADUALLY cut back on everything, I eventually got rid of meat and I generally go vegan unless I'm out and about with family and friends; Why? because it is NOT their fault or responsibility to watch what I put in my mouth!

     Anyone can start to loose weight and get it off! WE ALL KNOW it is harder to keep it off than it is to take it off.  Same thing happens with DECLUTTERing a home, a life, and your thinking!

     Throwing out stuff is the clutter diet;
NOT bringing anything back in is my vegetarian aspect,
and then not allowing it to sit around out of its home (designated area) is my vegan aspect of clutter!
Which brings me back to going out with family and friends.  This minimal thing is harder! I had to specifically ask my Dad not to make me anything else.  When in fact I love his work and want as much as possible BUT I can't afford the space for anything new.  That also means at some point I'm going to have to ask people not to purchase me ANYTHING physical.Yes this includes Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries or special occasions.  Explaining that everything has to have two uses/jobs or worse... I didn't like it enough to throw something else away and give it space saved for only the most beautiful multi tasking object in my house.

      For me everything in life comes in stages. I know I can't just be perfect, do something and then do it perfectly for the rest of my life.  For me I take a step, complete that step and prepare to repeat and step twice the next go around.  Lets just say one step at a time until your dancing so perfectly others are asking you for dance lessons or wanting to dance with you!     While I doubt my house will ever be so beautiful and clean that anyone will ever ask me to help them.  But the point is to do the little things that add up over time!

     Some people will get it, and others will not.
When I asked Dad not to make me anything else I could hear the disappointment in his voice. He has always been an avid participant in my life so to hear his disappointment was hard!   Some will be relieved not having to put me on their shopping list, others will just think I am absolutely CRAZY! I can just hear it now!  She's gone off the deep end, she doesn't even want to exchange or draw names, WHAT is she thinking?   I'm thinking this is a new life style and trinkets don't fit in.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

OH the mess of it all.

I know...

All the books (on the subject) say three stacks...




The truth is it is NOT that easy!

1.  I have to say try selling it all before you donate. BUT it gets very hard NOT to touch it once you have walked by it 100 times AND had it stay in your house.  Mine is in my dinning room I wanted to move it to the front porch but my hubby said it looked too white trash and took it all off to the DONATE company.  Which is a good and bad thing... as my second yard sale will look better and have better things which always make your crap look better and sale easier.  I have had ONE yard sale and told each person that gracious enough to say I had nice things; that this in fact was only the first cut and better, harder things for me to let go will come at the next yard sale. Oh and by the way... make sure everything your selling it at the least clean!  Keep it in piles of kitchen, bath, decor, clothing etc... try I know! I know! but TRY to make it your own little boutique ... everything will sell better if you set it up like you would in your own house, appt, or life!

2.  Trash right now for me is purely trash for anyone!  It is the stuff NO ONE is going to purchase or even just take off my hands.

3.  Keep... I want to keep too much as it is! I kept my piles out so I could (when the feeling hit) go through them once, twice or even three times again until I knew I had taken it down to what was necessary for me.   The largest of my piles is art supplies.

How do you let go of things you REALLY like.  I have a cute drawing from Jessie Tarpley I just can't seem to let go.  Not sure why? except I love it. Its a jack sprat kind of drawing I finally got the perfect frame, but it is not likely to work with the new decor.... What to do?   It sits in my fourth pile... Undecided which right now it fairly large.

A trash bag a day of TRASH is no big deal... DONE and DOING!   A trash bag of undecided ... harder to get rid of BUT getting closer and smaller each time I approach it. Yes it gets a little easier as you do it, yes you can start to make it more and more fun as you go along, BUT I'm not going to paint it all roses and tell you its not a big deal, its your life, but getting rid of things really is about making your life BETTER, EASIER, and BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Beautiful meaning your own definition of incredible! stylish, plush, or rustic.  A smaller space and things the details are all YOU, all your doing do it EXACTLY how you want.  It will take less money, less time and allow you more peace with less things.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

The personal side of it all.

      The WAVE of emotions in going minimal is that of an ocean; it is a constant up and down, thrill, and pain of the heart.  In every great triumph there are hard decisions being made.

      Do not get me wrong, I am completely enjoying the sight of an empty closet, the vision of empty kitchen cabinets that once held things I really didn't need; a wardrobe I can close my eyes or dress in the dark with no worry of how I walk out of the house.

      In yet another way not expressed I am keeping only things I enjoy and bring me pure pleasure.  My cutlery is no longer that gifted to me, but that of which I had chosen myself. My glasses are all handmade and divine to drink from.  I shall rid my kitchen further by getting rid of any plastics and replacing them with glass as time and money permit.

      Great change is easier than small ones.  A quote from a movie but original I can not verify... This is a great change for me, my husband and anyone else that gives it full attention.  The hard stuff is the small stuff and while we have all heard don't sweat the small stuff; letting go of that fur collar you love so much, that pair of shoes you saved for, craved, and finally allowed yourself.    Letting go of things made for me was even harder... I had a rolling pin made for me as a wedding gift, I used it but once and I no longer need it for defence (ha ha ha) so it too had to go.  But knowing it was the work and sweat of my paternal grandfather and that he truly had me in mind in its creation was hard to let go.   I being the worst baker in the family no longer have any need it or the one my daddy made me 20 years later.   As hand made things are a rarity today they were even harder to let go.

Letting go of things I collected for years to have a good selection, to have the right thing on hand for whatever comes next.  But now NEXT is living with only what I need to have on hand, NOT getting groceries and picking up two of everything.  Not getting something on sale because I have one already in the cabinet... as there will be no pantry!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Getting ready for our first yard sale.

For the last 4 days I have emptied the dining room, the den, the front door closet, most of the kitchen and all of my cloth closet.  I am approaching this as if there were some natural disaster... what would I NEED to have to start over, or if going on vacation what would I take with me.  to get it down even further.

I have MUCH further to go but as of today ...
I whittled my necessary books down to a small stack, of course with each area I touch I find more books so as of this moment my stack is too large again.

I got my clothes down to the size of a clothes hamper basket, but these too have grown a little. Having said that I have OVER 4 large trash bags full of clothes that will go in the sale tomorrow.

My shoes ... well I got rid of half of them right away.  I let go of exactly half of my boots and found I only have THREE practical shoes for everyday the rest are so full of flavor I can't let them go YET.  BUT I have a plan.

My purses!   I had some great purses and with all the trade on line I am going to sell or rent them out; I can get more out of them on line than a yard sale.

My art supplies are my largest issue! YEP... especially sense I know Navarre has to find a new home my only other passion FOR ME is painting.. ? not sure what is going to happen there but this too will have to wait till after the yard sale.

I have to say I got rid of all but a set of FOUR of everything in the kitchen.  I will be using my GOOD stuff everyday instead of it sitting away waiting for a special holiday!  So eating will be a pleasure instead of blah... it is amazing how many duplicates I found in different drawers, cabinets etc... Getting everything out and putting it into stacks of same it is amazing what you find! The books grew because of the birds room (I read in there )and the kitchen! because of cookbooks... No one thinks of everything until everything is out and exposed in the raw!   I threw out spices that were old, clumpy, or solid... If you don't use them all the time why do we have them? Besides they all go bad we just hate getting rid of things don't we?

I am SO serious about all of this even my dining room table is going in the yard sale! My dad made my dining room table and it was made LONG before Pier One started selling tables with tile on them. I love this table!  My chairs were found in St. Louis OAK Early American cut of Queen Ann style...  I'll be using my bistro set I got on sale somewhere years ago.   The only chair I can't let go is my great grandfathers cane chair.  It is still sound and can be used so it stays! It is small and I'll figure out some other way to use it as well.   I am getting rid of my side tables... a round table I found in Springfield TN over 20 years ago, and my stool my grandfather made painted a horrible pink (a late request of my grandmother) but a beautiful solid oak underneath.

The dog... NOT for sale.. but she plays with only ONE toy... so all her other toys are washed and ready for new homes!

I threw out all my nail polish but three colors and the clear.
I thew out makeup! yep! anything that was open is now GONE.

I created piles!
books, art supplies, barn supplies, candles, medical supplies (I found I am allergic to latex, so all the others have to go)  I even ended up with a kids pile (I have no kids) but I found I was always picking up trinkets incase my nieces and nephew came over... It never happens SO this pile too will go in the yard sale to keep kids happy while their parents look tomorrow! ha ha h....

Truly as you can see my mind is amuck just like my house! There is so much going on here it is hard to concentrate.  It reminds me of Aunt Gales house with stuff all over the place.  I can't wait to get this yard sale done and get the rest to a donation box and get my house back in some type of order again.

Today I get to price things, figure out my set up for tomorrow, and hopefully relax a moment... as if that's going to happen.