Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What keeps me going.

     What is it that keeps me going with this Minimal thing?

     Well its all about debt! No one likes it but so few really do anything about it.

     We do not want to live in debt, we want to live a life of travel, fun, and doing all we can, while we can, in reality who doesn't?  The problem is you actually have to do something about it.

     So cleaning out my crap, not adding to it unless it is something required for basic living, for work, or needs to be replaced will also allow me NOT to add to any debt. It will keep us grounded on what is important.

     How does that make us any different than anyone else?  It doesn't! I just dream of owning what ever it is we live in, drive, or manage.  Property, House, Car,  Furniture, Student Loans, Large Screen TV? the home improvements, and don't forget EVERY credit card you have. How long would it take for you to pay it all off if you could put half of your income to your debt? The point is not leaving anything out and not living from paycheck to paycheck, but actually having more than half of your paycheck to put back for retirement, emergencies, or putting back one month for travel each year.

     Having a free life for me ... means for me to earn two weeks vacation a year and us to travel every six months with little worry financially.  Can you imagine?  I can understand if your dream of travel is making it to the coast sitting on a beach with a perfectly cold drink.  Mine is exploring the back roads or back streets of a city older than our country, pushing my limits of hiking, riding, and walking while eating things I would never try at home.  Seeing how others live and learning from cultures few think of.

Travel, Exploration, and Learning are what keep me going.

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