Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Task...

I have a new task for living simple...

I am cleaning out closets... I started with the utility closet down stairs, it too is VERY small, and barely holds quilts, blankets, sheets, towels, and personal hygiene products.  I have it all organized now, but have to move on to other rooms.
There is no closet in the bathroom, this room too is VERY basic, very small and ... well needs help for updating standards, but it works.  The ONLY storage in the bathroom in the old open mirror.  This is not large enough to hold mouth wash.  There are no places for tooth brushes, so we live out of our toiletry travel bags.  It is not a bad thing!  Thus we are always ready for a trip, emergency or a night out at a moments notice.   I have most of my loose items in zip lock bags labeled.... lips,eyes, skin, cheeks etc... it works great!

But... the issues of closets comes in when you consider I am a woman who rarely gets rid of clothes and my closet is well ... smaller than your average hall / coat closet!   This can be disturbing!  So this is the next task I will document on this site.  Stay tuned as to HOW I do it, What I decide to keep or get rid of....

I am thinking I may have to take... "the French approach" to my clothes.  What is "The French approach"
and Quality not Quantity...
all things very hard for we typical Americans who want everything... but this is just the beginning of my thought process.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Simple house.

I live in a small house, smaller than your typical American house, but an average house world wide.
The house was built in the 30's  by a team of mules for a lady who choose to live by herself.

This is a great little house and it makes me live simple!

the simplicity of this house starts as soon as you walk in the door.

When me moved in Jerry had a "normal " sofa... but it barley fit in our living room
I had to search for a sofa that was more to the size of a human instead of the standard length and width now a days...
I got the smallest leather sofa made my what was mitchell gold ... which is now Mitchell Gold Bob Williams.  a great company!
and ONE chair.  This allows us to sit four in our living room, but still not perfectly, this I need to figure out.

Our bed didn't make it upstairs... It is down stairs for guest...
We had to purchase another bed that didn't need a box spring for support.

While the kitchen in the heart of any home.  My kitchen is well VERY basic to say it nicely.
I have but ONE plug!
Yes ONE plug in the entire kitchen!
But I have found this kitchen to be perfect for one person.  Jerry does not cook and thus it is my tiny room.
It has also encouraged me to be basic in my preperations of foods, get organized and  well ... stay on top of things.
I do NOT have a pantry... as the pantry was in the basement and Jerry took over that area for work