Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I have a husband that is addicted to SALT!

I can't stand a lot of salt and it makes me worry about him daily...
In order to cut his salt intake... when I cook I use herbs.. Lots of herbs, several herbs... this is one of my little patchwork herb gardens...

What can you find?

three Sage.
and SEVERAL types of Thyme.   Not ot forget the rosemary and several types of potatoes... not that you can tell what types they are, but this is a good way to keep the bugs from potatoes ...
Yes there is lavender and oregano too... Lots to work with in a TINY little spot!
so as a friend of mine says... How does your garden grow?

Friday, June 22, 2012

up at three am, boiled water while microwaving yesterdays coffee, made coffee, poured the rest into my trusty mason jar, wrapped it with two towels and had a bath mat in the bottom of my old but trusty grocery bag.  On to the barn by 3:30 soaking, feeding, brushing while a good soak occurs...

Then back to shower, and work!
Now done with one computer job ... on to the next!

Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day. 
Some how I left my phone at home, but had this little vet emergency with Navarre, poor vet had to call my house, my boss, then finally I got to call them back.   As simple as we try to make life it is funny how difficult we cause it to be with one little side step.

making calls out, getting few calls back in... all while serving 12 a three course breakfast... cleaning/ turning over one room stripping two more doing 4 loads of laundry, and entertaining everyone in the house so they will come back.... Lovely day... but at least I was on my own and knew what ever going on (except for Navarre's foot) I had done all the negative to myself with no ones help.  I was able to laugh it off and get back on track by 1:30.  ahhhhhh what a day!

today is possibly getting 3200 gallons of water at the barn. While my trusty side kick (who is not fond of my large horses) tends to the horses while the large water tanker gets to the barn.

Gluing the phone to my hand as soon as the apparatus is invented to do so!

May today be less stressful than yesterday!
Here is to having enough peace within to make it through yesterday!
Here is to having enough today to do it again!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yesterday was a LONG ( demanding nonstop type)  day... after working such long hours ... only 13 but I came home to a down west wall in the horse pasture.

It is not a big deal but it required me stacking about two wricks of wood to keep my horses in.  I know ... you are questioning my statement.  I have no REAL FENCE on the west wall of my horse pasture.  In creating my pasture I had to clear a 25 year old ignored lot.  So MANY many trees, so much I could not afford to have any more hauled away, so I started stacking it!   We cut the trees into 2 foot lengths just too long for anyone to walk off with and directly put it in their stove.

It has now been there for 4 years, it is weathering well, but it is only poplar wood so it is VERY LIGHT.  How Poplar was ever classified as a hard wood I have no idea... Yes, it is the softest of the hard woods but still classified as such.

Navarre had apparently been pushing on it all day and cleared an area large enough for both of them to walk through side by side, but he remained in their pasture.  So I re-stacked... taked to a neighbor... covered my potatoes a little more, pulled some herbs for the Inn. Headed home and fell madly asleep.

So now I need to keep an eye on my west wall a little better than normal... a daily walk to the barn will work!

I can only hope your life is simple and worthy of YOU.

My love to the world

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I have finished my computer work for the morning.  As I stopped typing it was the open window that caught my attention.

The birds
The bats as they fly to and from the house in this early early dawn.
The distant passing of cars that approach and disappear.

Oh what a beautiful morn in this in between state of dark and light.

Off for the second job,  on my way to the third by 7:30am

Life is full today!
My love to the world

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

After a LONG while off I am back! 

While I am not refreshed I am at least getting used to my 14/16 hour days!   I'm no spring chicken any more and it wears me down worse than a chill on mercury.

Some say I am doing too much.
Some ask why I do it?
Some just shake their heads and say nothing at all.

I have to look at each person I tell and I wonder... WHY does everyone think life should be so easy?
Why does everyone that comments say it is too much or shake their heads.

If given natural life existence ... it starts with a struggle. 
You GASP for that first breath of air!
You ache with movements
You struggle to learn what is going on around you!
You must learn everyday or you get left behind.
Every choice you make has a consequence. 

I have to ask why others don't do more!
I understand the older we get the less we can do, but I could do so much more when I was younger! and at times I did, but not always.

I do have a plan!
I plan to work at least one more year ... putting away as much as possible and then cut back to what it cost me a month to care for the horses.  That way I don't go into my emergency fund! That way I have a little of a nest egg for them!

While life is ever changing
While life is FULL of struggle, don't expected it to be its worse everyday... but NEVER expect anything to be handed to you. 

Why do you think ANYTHING will or really in my mind should be handed to you?

YES things were given to me when I was a child.
BUT most of them were from someone else having worn the clothes I was given.
YES things were given to me as a child
BUT I knew I had to take care of them to give them to the next person, OR use them till they/ it could no longer be used.

It may be some of our problem as a society... thinking everything should be easy.
Easy is giving up on a thought process, because it is not like others
Easy is not doing something because it takes too much time, effort, or thought.

LIFE is hard... you can face it head on or run from it!  IF you are doing nothing that is out of your norm you are not facing life head on your sitting behind a rock hoping it doesn't find you.

my love to the world...
GO  DO something that is hard! and see how rewarding it is.... in so many ways....