Sunday, January 11, 2015

My lap top crashed !

After getting all the crap off my lap top I could no longer access this blog.

I am so sorry I was unable to inform anyone, none of my "codes" worked, not the two step sign in nothing... and never got help still do not have a password etc... all I can say is GOOGLE sucks, even as I type this I have been interrupted several times by pop ups on only get on Chrome.

Enough with all my attitude against google!

I rarely make a new years resolution.  I rarely do so because it sets me up for failure.

This year my only resolution is to be more tolerable, practice humility and relax more

I have gotten my weight down to 140 lbs I am at 22 bmi which is not bad for me, but now that we have a vacation in the works that is high season I get to stress about a bathing suite which I rarely carry on vacation as we normally go only in off seasons to save money and be out of the crowds.  Life changes and I have to learn to roll with the punches....

In the mean time I am still doing my estate planning so here I will post my weekly to do, and done list.