Saturday, April 30, 2011

Its a new day.

While it is VERY late for me, I have had such a wonderful day.

I got several things on my to do list done, and have set a foundation for getting more settled tomorrow.

Today started with Bella... the dog in my very first post.
Then she and I moved on to playing with the birds.
Letting the horses out for pasture...
back to the house to make room in the truck bed for trees..(moving gravely... old planters broken no longer of any well as all the plastic I had in the bottom of my containers. (milk juges... soda bottles etc... ) .. Yeah...
Going to get my trees I paid for yesterday...
Taking the slowest curviest roads home so not to wind burn my new Japanese Maples.  three in all... two red weeping... ONE of the prettiest things I've ever seen... One is white and green leaves (verigated) with PINK tips... Yea... yeah... don't expect me to remember names of Trees... when I have a hard enough time with humans... (once I see a face... it is burned in my mind... but names... FORGET IT!)

Filling up on Diesel... not even 1/2 a tank and well over $60.00 wow... no towing this week!
Getting to the barn, getting the horses in, brushed, and ready for a ride... As I promised LL and GG I would take them up and down the road today!   and really... SO HAPPY to do it!   I did however forget my gloves... I have become such a wuss. I don't do much without my gloves these days...  But we had SUCH a delightful ride... rides... LL went out with me twice!  Large... blisters on both palms... and both ring fingers! what a laugh! With all the work I do you would think they stay calloused, but ... soft as can be... and now blistered...
I then got the garden tilled again... BUT I have much bush hogging to do tomorrow! Garden area.. / fruit tree area... one of the tiny pastures... (attracting too many bears... YES bears!) that is another story... other blog!  as well as the barn, and wooded area... too much rosabunda (what we called wild roses at home)

Jerry has promised to assist me in changing out the attachments... So as this is the SECOND public "outing" I have made about it... I can only hope it happens... it takes me FOREVER to do it alone!

My to do list for Tomorrow... Plant Tomatoes plants... but plant more seeds...
Plant, more corn, peas, squash, egg plant... and what ever else I feel like taking care of!
Peas are up... but only a few corns are up? not sure what happened there! but an entire row 3 feet wide awaits more corn, beans, pumpkins, squash etc...

I am so excited about getting a little in the garden done...
A little in the pasture
A little in the woods?
I am hoping to start on the blueberry patch by next weekend...

While I posted on my facebook last week I had hoped to start on my rock wall, Too much is getting out of control, and so much needs attention, the wall will have to wait! BUT I am picking up larger rocks each time I walk to the barn... In with a rock OUT with a shirt full of weeds!

I could only WISH I had time for a late ride up the mountain tomorrow... We shall see!   Wish me luck~

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Historical Weather.

While so many have been lost, injured, or simply lost everything they ever owned; we again are of the lucky!

Being in the list of LUCKY people dodging the wrath of Mother Nature, I can only  appeal to your heart and ask you to take note of what is important to you.

Yeah... yeah... yeah... everybody says they can do with out ... But your not! You collect! You keep up with your neighbors, you still get things  society thinks you should have.    Have you EVER put a freeze on your family?   NOTHING new for a MONTH for starters... people learn so much from REAL experiences, and they become more attached to what occurs to others if a parent has taken note and driven that nail home!

I remember as a child... a large family having a hard time with ? everything... it was a slow time in finances of US history and some families really struggled.   This large family was at our house and we went to the back yard and picked corn, enough for them to take home, feed their family of 8.    I remember then... thinking I know that was going to be family food for us and extended family, so for my parents to offer their share to someone else meant a lot.  It hit me that they must have less than us.  This at a time when I was being made fun of for my shoes etc... like kids will do.   A lesson learned, a lesson I NEVER forgot!

I get all the family mementos! Although the US is a VERY young country and few of us have our history back to "the boat" our beginnings of the land.  Photos, trinkets, ?  for me it's a mug I took from my Paw Paw when I moved to California... I stole it! I knew it was wrong.. but I needed something as a security blanket! and that man was mine!  I called and told him once I was 3,000 miles away! Knowing he would never come get it!  To this day it is a prized possession for me!   It is cracked, chipped, and of no real use now; (from moving so many more times) BUT it is a piece of my life I LOVE and would search for in the aftermath of a tornado.  I use it on a daily basis to hold loose buttons... my rings as I wash dishes etc... but it has a function in my home!

I have very little... because I need no more! I live in a tiny house (1930's ) by todays standards, but I do NOT need any more room.  Having a small house keeps me in line!  It keeps me from collecting things that are of no use.  I have certain vases I use, and they stay out with or without flowers, branches, and often HOLD my paint brushes for a daily function.

The fact these people have what is on their back... AND LUCKY if they got out with ALL their relatives!
They still have to pay back those loans on the now rubbish of a house.
They still have to take care of what the insurance doesn't pay off on their cars.
They do not have those shoes they had to get to complete an outfit... Or that purse that was... "to die for" a must.

IF you can't prepare your family by doing without in honor of those whom have lost so much...
Then at least give away ( to a reputable charity) things you don't use anymore.
Talk to your children about other children who no longer have toys, clothes, or a dinner table at which to sit.
and explain to them how Nature keeps its own time!

No I am not saying you have to scare your children!!! I can't stand scare tatics... even in religion I believe it has no place ...

But reality... and having a plan... is important.
Where should your children Hide in your house? How do your children get OUT of your house if necessary... NOT the door people... that is normal... we are talking emergencies here!
Where should your children meet up with you in the event of a fire in your house,  Why should they NOT go back in? etc...
These are all things we must discuss; but hate to do so...

Considering we have no children, for us! it is How and Who is going to get the birds in their travel cages.... etc... But it all needs to be a plan down to what car you drive away in.

Please do this!
Please do the basics no one else to teaching these days...

My parents always planned for the worst... When I was a child from 5 on... It was to climb out your bedroom window  don't worry about the window or screen... just get out... and meet us at the maple tree in the front yard.  DO NOT go back in... and do NOT leave with anyone except your or Nanny or PawPaw.... simple but a life saver all the same.

Basics people... back to the basics... These tiny things not being taught are things that can save your life... and the life of your children AND grandchildren.  Do it as a family ... Do it in each house if necessary... BUT PLEASE DO IT!

This is your chance to have a prime example of why a family needs to pull together... be a family and plan for the worst but may it never happen to you!

Everyone in my thoughts
To those whom have lost so much, may your tomorrow be brighter each day.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Only words Friday...

For me... Life is about learning!
We all make mistakes, but I have in me the NEED to learn, the need not to repeat. 
It is not always about what I like, it is also about what I do NOT like, what I will NOT allow in my world, and what I have a partnership with, or control of only my own actions.

Cause... can can mother nature  ( completely out of my control) 
Effect would be a learned way, one step closer to doing it right... the next time.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

keeping it simple.

While my life has gotten more complicated... I took a THIRD job! with the economy on a down the winter months were sparse to say it nicely.   My animal clients didn't travel as much, and the motorcycle guys didn't purchase as much.  So a third job just to make sure I am pulling my weight, make sure I am feeding and caring for my horses the way I prefer... which no less expensive than a child... I figure my horses cost me about 8,000.00 on a good year! So... 

BUT even with all of this! I am loving my life, enjoying the fact as I sit at this computer it is dark outside, but the birds are awake, and the smell in the air is clean, and I can tell moisture is on the way.  Life is what you make of it, and while I have little time to post these days I am still ALWAYS a work in progress.  Cleaning closets, getting rid of ANYTHING I'm not using all the time.  My garden is a work in progress, a test area for me this year on the estate.  BUT ALL my scraps go into composting... I have lots of dry to balance the food and the manure.  

All my jobs are Season geared... so Summer will be the time I will run like a chicken with my head cut off, but this winter I will be able to care, ride, and enjoy my horses with no one else to worry with.  I so enjoy the quiet of winter riding! The fresh snow on the ground, the quiet of the first snow ride.   So I am just making the most of what I have! 

I can only hope your life... no matter how busy it is... is as peaceful as you intend it to be.

Much love to you all. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

Only words Friday...

Do not allow your exuberance to block out the light needed for your journey. 
Knowledge is light- 
Exuberance without knowledge is a journey in darkness.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Only words Friday...

NEVER tell a child that something... anything... is impossible, for that child might surprise you.

Never be responsible for putting out a light that could have led the world with hope.