Friday, March 7, 2014

still here and still working at it.

While I am not riding my bike as I had hoped... my leg is in pain when I do.  So I have altered my plan and doing only my PT exercises 17 of them twice a day. 

I am also riding my horses for two days each week and more if I can get the time.

Which is also to say I have gone back to work part time and working about three to four days a week.

Life is FULL, Crazy, and barely in control which is to say my house is a mess because I am at the barn most of the time I have off.

I will at least try to get one post in a week.

I am still eating mostly salads...
and have gone GF all the way!
I have not cheated on the GF at all which makes my stomach happy.

I have gone from 156 down to about  142,,, ... now if I can just get rid of the next ten I'll be better off!

We shall see as time continues.  But I'm still here, still working on me!

Hope life out there is full and wonderful !
my love to the world.