Saturday, November 19, 2011

I get so embarrassed

yes it is a double edge sword, Travel (in a timely manner) requires a LARGE carbon print.  But I can only hope I do enough each day to off set what damage I do in my travels.  I get so embarrassed when I come home the pain makes me write the following ...

I have seen a little of the world and hope to see more of it, if my life allows, but seeing and learning is my largest textbook in life and continuing this is important to me.  Eyes Open People!

Ecuador trip while not a travel trip more of a tourist trip was enough for me to figure out where I wanted to go back and learn more of the country and its people.

My choice would be the highlands.  People whom seem to cherish the OLD ways but welcome some of the new technologies that can make life better.

 While still using animals for moving items and / care taking of the lands some have newer ways of caring for soil and the eco system.

While many will NOT agree.  I believe animals to be a serious part of the full circle when it comes to land and food.

Animals can not exist without grasses and few GOOD grasses for the animals can  not exist without bacteria and worms which help to digest and soften the land into a workable system able to support humans, as WE are the heavy burden of the lands.    We as humans require so much and WE (as Americans) require more than ANY OTHER COUNTRY in the WORLD!

Why?   Because WE in the US are not connected to the land as most.  We are not learning as a country we are living life with blinders ... that our food supply will continue at no cost to the earth OR to our health in the long term.

While I am only one person, and I do not EXPECT every US citizen to do much to help their house (with future bills, by using low wattage bulbs CFL's) or their community ( by simply creating their own compost pile, OR recycling all their plastics they can, or purchasing things in glass) OR our country ( by cutting back on water use, electricity usage.. by using a water heater timer)  and even less for the WORLD we live in.. by purchasing local food, drinks, and cutting down on their use of GAS!  purchasing high mileage cars, using public transportation (where available)... There is little OIL in the US and it would never support our greedy appetite  for quick one person travel several times a day.  

I travel daily but only in a specific circle as to save my gas, my car, and my time.  I do all the things above as it is easy for one person to do so many things in order to make life better for others.

We only have CFL's in our house!
While we do not have the ability for an instant delivery hot water system (yet) we have a TINY 50 gallon water heater that is NOT allowed to keep water VERY hot only hot enough to wash with.
We purchase local foods when we can (road side stand)
and while my car is OLD... 12 years old she still gets over 50 miles to the gallon and only uses 2quarts of oil for each oil change.
I use glass when ever I can,
I carry a reusable stainless steel container in summer and winter.
I recycle everything I possibly can and even send things to be re cycled else where if needed. (my area only recycles certain numbers, but will take all plastics to keep them out of the land fills.)

All of this is NOT enough for WORLD wide effects but if everyone did a little it would add up more each day! If everyone added one more thing to do each year it would continue to add up as well.

Please Try people.
This is not about me.
This is about how hard we are on the land, the continent and the world.

Rant time over!

But please! do SOMETHING!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

putting myself to the test.

While this blog is about living basic!

I am putting it all to the test and I am going to be traveling BY HORSE BACK in the dead of WINTER from Asheville NC to Nashville TN starting in January.

YEP!   I will be living off my horse during the day, setting up my tent each night as we move across the land.   While I am at a little more of a disadvantage than my ancestors in one way I am more prepared in other ways.

My ancestors had towns to stop, pay to have their horses cared for, and could get a room with no worries of their animals.  It was also during the time when it was normal for a stranger to ask to sleep in your barn, or even ask for a spare bed.  (these things I will not be doing)   I will be worried to death, as many horses are stolen for meat market now a days or just shipped cross country to make a dime, a dime is all they would make on mine!  (as one is more likely to die if feed is changed, and the other...well she is a special needs as well, but more mentally than physically )

Having said as much, I am far more on the advantage side... as my equipment is good, my mind in active,  spirits excited. And I am doing all I can to get the word out... Asking others to tell their friends so I ride up to a house and ask for Water, two trees to tie my horses and a place to throw my tent I am not turned away as quickly if the word was not out there!  

Sounds extreme!  I know! it is... but I at least have to try!   I have to know I didn't put something on that bucket list and not attempt to do it!

Here is my blog for the trip ... This trip , its preparation, and daily updates along the way are all I am putting there.  I will rarely put things on this simple blog as while Simple to the extreme... not quite what normal people do to go simple!

The name of the blog?   Me, and my two horses.   Amber, Navarre and Sweet Pea! after all we are all each of us will have on this little trip, unless I get some followers that want to help, want to spread the word, and want to see me accomplish my goal! ?  we shall see.