Thursday, October 25, 2012

I rarely do new things in my life! Or so it seems these days... BUT trying to be Gluten Free is hard!

I did however finally get my Nannie's Cornbread mix down to a T!!!!!
I made beans and cornbread today and it worked out perfectly!

Pamela's GF Flour mix was the key!

Life is good!
House smells like beans, bacon and cornbread as a fall house should!

I've been really good with the 50$ a week or LESS! I've even been able to stock up on my dry goods for winter saving... you know

GF Pastas
Powdered Milks for emergencies 
even got Honey on sale to stash away for a rainy day!
Rice ... but I use mostly red American Indian Rice... (not a real grain but works like rice)
Chia to add to cooking for more protein and trace minerals etc..
Quanoia ? I use mostly the red / dark as a grain replacement!