Friday, June 24, 2016

Life changes while making changes.

Friday / 06/24/16

I had seen things slowly changing for some time, but faith in my husband and his abilities gave me the security I needed not to focus on it 24 hours a day.  The day came where my line was crossed and we hashed out all the concerns, figures, and expectations.

We came to the conclusion we could easily cut thousands of dollars off our operating cost if we moved to the estate, stopped our advertizing for new products, got our health insurance within a reasonable cost and I got a full time job.

Jerry and I brain stormed about how we were to survive what is ahead and put ourselves in a place to THRIVE at a later date.
Tree house (dreamy solution)
Move into the barn (practical  as the framing is already there)
Small house (square style or salt box both much cheaper construction... less building waste than most homes)
Tiny home... (OUT of the question as he is closterfobic and we would likely kill eachother.)
Container home. ( I do after all already have TWO containers they are structurally sound and dry)
Mobil  Trailer/ home... ? with our budget after getting a used one, stripping it due to bugs, rats etc... I'd rather start from scratch ...some how.

I'd been looking for a full time job in Asheville for YEARS!
I signed up for temp work but only got calls on days I worked.
I was ALWAYS either TOO qualified for a job or UNDER qualified for a job... Of course several places wanted me to volunteer my services!

I love the little clothing shop where I have been for the past three years.
The crew is top notch, the manager is the best I've ever had and I hate to have to leave them.  In the years I worked for Ad-Lib I met such wonderful people, co workers and customers alike.  All of whom I want to keep in touch with.

A dear friend of mine called one day in the midst of my eating, napping, and crying on the sofa one day unable to function as a human being.  As Jerry and I said we would never live in dept and slowly but surely we are now in debt.  The reality is our dept is less than a high priced car, but none the less we are putting our emergency plant to action and will quickly be out of dept AND as I stated before put ourselves in a place where we can THRIVE instead of survive in the future.

Thriving with no debt is the American Dream, but too many have forgotten what the dream REALLY is and created a world of debt around them, working ONLY to pay the bills and hope nothing happens.

I see REAL life everyday down town Asheville. There are homeless people year round! I try to learn their names but IF you know me you know I am the worst with names.   We can all loose everything we have in a moments notice.  Health issues, Job issues, Relationship issues, and Mental Health issues. Most think that will never be them!  Then a death, a health crisis, carma, or pure luck strikes and life as you know it is GONE.

With our plan we will be living BELOW our means paying off and dept and be traveling twice a year as once before.