Friday, November 21, 2014

Going all the way with Change.

Well while going Gluten Free was great for my stomach it did little to nothing in helping me to get some weight off.

So as of a few weeks ago I decided to go all the way.  YEP... changed my eating habits and I am finally getting some real advantages.

I would have never believed going Vegan would have made my life better, easier, and happier; but in fact that is exactly what has happened.

Better... I look at veggie side dishes all the time.  This if nothing else will help to expand my cooking routine for entertaining.  People really never know WHAT they are eating at someone else's home, they try and just see if they like it!   I have found some really good dishes and enjoyed the changes made to some of my old favorites.

Easier...  Well not worrying about meat, how clean, how fresh, how tainted... I don't know about you but I LOVE meat and growing up literally on a farm I enjoyed the bounty of real animals, real meat, and knowing what was fed to them.  My grandfather didn't afford "purchased animal feeds" he grew food for his family and his animals.  So before grass fed was "the thing" it was all I had!  It is a tougher leaner but more tasty meat, BUT I don't have any idea where anything I eat even comes from, how it was raised, fed, treated ... Freaking AAAAAA I have no idea and that in it self FREAKS me out when I bring raw meat into my own kitchen.  Bleach, Cooked well done, and side dishes were my only way of dealing with it.

Happier... OMG, I never EVER expected to feel better, be happier, sleep better, and for heaven's sake I never expected to have more energy!   1. I have cut my sleeping aids down to 1/2 of what they were and sticking to my routine like all the professionals say is working NOW!   Why now? The only thing I can guess is I am dealing with only MY OWN hormones; not all the added crap they give to animals to help them grow larger now! I'm not dealing with the chemicals in all the animals meats, arsenic, cyanide, and only a higher power really knows what else they LEGALLY can give animals today.   My mind doesn't race as much, but I am always 3 steps ahead of most (with a clear idea, questions and plans in the works) but not off the rails from subject to subject like I used to be.  You know the "Squirrel" mentality.   At any rate if you don't get the reference it's likely you don't have the problem. 

Yes I eat a ton of protein! Hemp is my main stay of easy, good protein!   I mean really only 3 table spoons is a days ration of clean protein.  How easy can that be.  

It is fall so I am eating a lot of cold frame veggies!  Brussel Sprouts, Spinach, Kale, turnips, carrots, acorn squash, pumpkin, and the seeds cranberries etc... too many to name everything here. 

While I am VERY tempted with the bullet phase of eating and I LOVE smoothies etc... until I  hit a plateau and can't loose any more weight I believe I'll stay the course of where I am. 

Where am I you ask... WELL... I started out at 155lbs yep... I'm 5' 7" and was at the limit my body could handle with out sever restrictions on its ability.  Don't get me wrong I was in PAIN, real pain, about to go back to the MD's and ask for more pain killers.  At my physical limits and barely able to function on my normal routines with animals, chores, and working I decided to go deeper into controlling my own world a little better.    THUS the GF< Vegan move!

Life is good... I have already lost 10lbs and I can only hope to loose another 10.  BUT the last ten are always the hardest to get off they say, so we shall see how the slow steps of weight loss effect my daily life from this point on. 

Oh yea... somehow the MD's say I need to loose another 20... Right THAT is NOT going to happen... I never looked good at 125 as an adult, a twiggy 20 year old maybe but not as a woman in the REAL world.  Just remember as I type out my life about weight loss... TO ME it is more about being able to function in my life style, not about my looks. 

I have never been a very vain woman, I'll be the last to get a pair of shoes, get my nails done, have my hair professionally colored, and never had a pedicure!   SO ... this is about the kricks , cracks, pops and function of my right leg that has forever been a pain in my body sense the age of 10.  being a GOOD 35 years older than that... I have to get a grip on it before I end up in a wheel chair, leg brace forever, or on crutches, cane, or what ever else would hinder my days.

My love to you all...