Sunday, June 26, 2011

One thing every woman needs. WELL worth the money!

This is one of those things one needs when she travels...

Please check out this link.
one thing every woman needs.

check out the video on how to use this one piece of clothing! it is on the link above...

throw this over your little black dress, over your little black skirt and you have more outfits! get a basic color and you have a top, a cardigan, a cover up... and more! it ROCKS!!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011


This time I'm cleaning out my HORSE SUPPLIES.

Most everything I need to get rid of is GIVE AWAY! 
The only two things I am SELLING are two very expensive horse blankets.  I am only asking $25.00 plus shipping!  for each of these blankets I paid well over $200.00 for!   Otherwise everything else if free!

SO ... if I have it ... and you want it, just pay shipping and it's yours.

I have TONS of horse leg boots,
I even have great chaps for riders!
I've got a pair of barely worn English boots!
warming throws.
leather halter,  brass breakaway...
what ever you are looking for just ask, I may have it in your size.

I've got pictures... I'll add as the weekend continues but first come first get... so send me an email NOW!