Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cold ?Weather in May...

Around here you are not suppose to plant tomatoes until AFTER Mothers Day.  Today is a prime example why.

It is not 50 degrees today, wet, cold ,and just uncomfortable.  A good 20 degrees below our average high for this time of year.  It never fails... as soon as you put everything out, something happens.

But having said that so negatively ... this weather works wonders on pastures! They love all the sun with out all the heat! This should make some local hay really good! Wish me luck getting my hands on it.   I had 100 bails expected for the last two weeks.  I am very thankful my guy has hundreds and hundreds of acers to cut, as what got rained on he will keep for his cattle and I didn't loose anything... YET!

I have several back up plans, but mother nature is not very happy thus far so I can only worry about getting my hay till the day I have it safely in a barn!

Otherwise... life is good, animals have been sick but getting better.  A new course of action is in place for the issues, and we will keep an eye on the happenings so next year is not as rough.

I think that is what I enjoy about life.  Everyday is a learning process, some days are simple, some days are rough, but all are about expanding your world of knowledge and relating to local happenings... like weather, hay supplies, and what the weather did to the hay, how well it will sustain my animals over winter... etc...   it never stops!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Simple is HARD!

While simple seems romantic! It sounds poetic! and feels like nothing you have ever felt before... IT IS HARD!

Our tiny 6 acres is getting out of control,  extensive for only one human, no tractor, and very little time to spare.

I did however accomplish taking the old 70's gravely and bush hogging up the side of the road all the way from the garden to the neighbor's drive... which is ON my property ( but the area too steep to put on his... the only reason this bothers me is all the TRASH that spews down into my lot from the garbage can... to his credit it is either wind or bears depending on season and weather.  I almost need to install a repel system so he or I can use it after trash pick up)

If you know what a gravely is... then you know they are ALL torque and no horse power; and on such a grade as what I have, that means it's all ME pulling the thing out of areas or trying to maneuverer it around things like boulders, trees, or gullies.

I need to bush hog SOOOOO much more, but my hands can only take so much (from all the shaking), my back can only pull so many times, and yes my legs can only brace or dig into the ground so often!   So around the perimeter of the estate and then into details around apples and paw paw trees.    I now need to bring it back to the house to bush hog what WAS the garden last year.  The ground at the house needed a rest, it needs to be rebuilt and so... two or three years rest it will have.  I hope to get it in resting order soon.  Clover this fall and legumes next spring...

Weeds on the estate are OUT of control.  It is the area! The state has planted things that roots go down at least 4 feet in order to keep the area from washing away.  Most of the lots on the mountain are so steep cows would have problems on peoples front yards... mine is one of the few that is 95% walkable,  but just because I can walk it doesn't mean I can get the gravely up or down it!

I suppose I am going to have to break down and purchase a GAS weed eater ( I just can't stand them... sound, smell, and they are heavy) but my electric is NOT going to cut it around the barn.  I have plenty of electric cord, the generator is small enough for me to move around, but ... the weeds are too fast, thick and course in nature for an electric... I need one I can put a metal blade on it and go to town!

Then I will need to take the time and work on the old apple tree in the garden area.  This thing has got to be aired out, or it is going to kill itself off.   I've had the property 4 years and only last year after planting my other four trees did this old one start making apples!   A bonus for me, but also one more thing on the to do list!

I hope to take the camera back to the estate later today... if and when I do I'll take some black and whites to post here! /// Sorry guys no black and whites  only color tonight.  I'll try again tomorrow.

I hope everyone else living simple is having an easier spring!

p.s. the trees are not in full leaves up to the top of the mountain yet! and we have had HEAVY frost for the last three nights! making my planting season that much shorter!

you just gotta laugh!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

confused ? can't find the correct words.

Humans do so many wrongs to each other.
In other countries women are property
In other places around the world people are killed because of tribal affiliations, race, beliefs.

As I sit here knowing one of the worlds harmful humans is no longer a personal threat, I find it hard to act in a positive way, rejoicing in death, or anything other than confusion.

I am proud that our government had the thought to care for the body with respect.  I know in other countries they would have dragged the body in the streets had it been an US citizen, it would have been pulled apart and pranced up and down the streets;  but I am thankful our military did NOT do this.

It is important to me that the Muslims out there that do NOT agree with the action of Osama where not offended by the military actions.

Extremism is out there EVERYWHERE no matter who you are, or religion you are.  We as a country do keep the KKK in check as much as possible, but they are still there, and are still a threat.  I had hoped the Muslims who are of faith, but not of hostile beliefs, would have done more....  BUT I have been eagerly offended by as many extremist of faith (of several beliefs) at my own door, on the streets, in large cities and even recently in business; where we cut ties with a company due to unsolicited pamphlets.

I can only hope at some point in history we can get rid of this I'm better than you attitude, I'm the only faith going to a better place, If you don't think like me attitude!  and my worst... I'm going to put fear into you!

To peace AND diversity...
To growth and education
To the human race getting along!

I know there will always be wars, I know there will always be disputes around the world, and I know as young of a country as we are... we are JUST entering the realm of true hate for generations to come.  But this is hard for me to hear and admit as I was not raised to make judgement on others, when I have not walked in their shoes, lived their life, or experienced their hardships different from mine.

While the US does have poverty... MOST are still above poverty in other countries, and here if you REALLY want help, there is help to be had.  While in other countries it is population control.

I just can not rejoice, but I am glad he is not still here to PLOT more harm... although someone was waiting to take his place... if not several!