Thursday, February 5, 2015

Life is funny!

Today was non stop!
One thing to the next, but the best two things were, getting a good report from the ear, nose, and throat doctor.  (of whom I repeatedly have said I didn't like)

So this doctor... I was referred to him from the ER months ago, of course he couldn't get me in, of course I couldn't get it scheduled to suite both of our schedules for two months.  Once I got in there I got a wonderful ear full of IF, I should have, and Meds for the rest of your life.

1.  I'm not the smartest person in the room but I be dipped if someone is going to tell me I am taking some medication for the rest of my life when I have no ill effects at this time from "reflux" syndrome.  I thought that stuff was suppose to bother you!  When I ask him if there are any other alternatives, he gets snippy again and says well it's not life threatening we can check it again in two months and see where you stand.  Then proceeds to hand me a two fold flyer that is suppose to tell me what changes I need to make to my diet, period!  

2.  Now how is some silly larger than normal print flyer that have less information than a resort flier going to tell me what is going on in my body and how to change it.   So of course I ended up doing my own research and figuring out issues for myself because apparently this MD doesn't have the time to REALLY educated his patients OR direct them to a place for information.

3.  So I make my changes.
  a. I make sure not to eat too late, I make sure I sit up instead of allowing myself to slouch into the sofa when I get home.
  b. I cut down in my normal serving sizes making it no less than a fist full at any given time... that is NOT to say I don't eat all day now!...
  c.  I cut back my coffee, cut OUT my cinnamon I love so much, no more kambuchi, no more sauerkraut, or harshly pickled items... My olives were the worst to let go!  
  d.  the flier said I needed to eat bland... excuse me but I have NEVER eaten bland... Jerry says I eat twigs and leaves but I eat the crap out of herbs and spices ... that is not going to change only toned down a little.

4.  I was starting to freak out a little as I had only recently gone vegan so the milk, cheeses, meat everyone else could be eating and not a problem per the pamphlet were not going to work for me.

So I go back today ... dreading it... actually stressing over it due to his being so snippy my first visit.
He walks in sprays my nose with little to no warning and asked for the rest of his equipment.  Say aaahhhh... breathe.... breathe....  and steps back.  He was visibly smiling and figured I was in for it.
instead he was pleasantly surprised.  So I in my normal snippy sassy horrible attitude said... "so does this mean your not going to be pissed at me for not taking your medication?"  He grinned but not a real smile and said yes! I didn't believe you would do it, frankly rarely does anyone make the changes needed, but you are healing nicely;  ALTHOUGH... he continues... IF... or WHEN this flairs up again

blah blah blah...
I assured him if I needed help I would ask for it, but until I could not control my health myself I prefer to stay as is.  He was fine I was fine  and FINALLY I  half way like him, because he didn't try to lecture me again.

While I was at the doctors they request you turn off your phones and not being attached to mine I did so.  Of course I missed 5... yes FIVE urgent calls that Navarre was out in the road blah blah blah...

So once I do get home I am rushing to the barn, finding yet another place Navarre has decided to tear down, repair it! and of course somehow loose my keys in the process.

Life is funny! and Life keeps laughing at me.
4th re-walk of my steps I found the silly set, black not a shiny thing there so this color is going to have to change as soon as I can!


Hoping your day was eventful in a good way!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

My lap top crashed !

After getting all the crap off my lap top I could no longer access this blog.

I am so sorry I was unable to inform anyone, none of my "codes" worked, not the two step sign in nothing... and never got help still do not have a password etc... all I can say is GOOGLE sucks, even as I type this I have been interrupted several times by pop ups on only get on Chrome.

Enough with all my attitude against google!

I rarely make a new years resolution.  I rarely do so because it sets me up for failure.

This year my only resolution is to be more tolerable, practice humility and relax more

I have gotten my weight down to 140 lbs I am at 22 bmi which is not bad for me, but now that we have a vacation in the works that is high season I get to stress about a bathing suite which I rarely carry on vacation as we normally go only in off seasons to save money and be out of the crowds.  Life changes and I have to learn to roll with the punches....

In the mean time I am still doing my estate planning so here I will post my weekly to do, and done list.