Monday, February 6, 2012

What am I doing?

Living simply is not as easy as it sounds... Yes I have said this before.

I have done this thus far...
I gave up my smart phone.  While it never really rocked my world it did make it very easy, too easy,  to do social status things, see what others were doing, and basically bring more "crap" into my daily life.   Gone!   Back to a phone that only works as a phone.  No text, No pictures, No internet access and NO Gadgets to play with.

I've done well... THUS far with not purchasing soda/ Coke/ Coffee/ anything out of the house.  Now this is NOT going to work for the summer! I can tell you I will need a COLD drink and I'll just have to work the extra $2.00 a drink into my cost of labor!

I have thus far carried a carrier to work of both coffee and hot tea from home each day.  I have not purchased a Coke a Cola out of the "fast" lane.  This has also helped with not eating as much junk food!   Although using all my camping food for lunch is not the best thing I should be doing either but better than soda, chips, and something chocolate to keep me going.  OH DEAR...  but going through the grocery line late the other day... AFTER doing work on the estate... I was dying for a coke.  I did well and waited till I got home.  Got one glass and was done.  $2.00 saved! I kept saying to myself.. but you've done so well, not now, not now!

I figured I wasted as much on coke and junk food as I will now spend on a monthly haircut!  Doesn't sound like much but it all adds up.  even just one coke a day is over $1.50 a day... at 30 days,... that's 45.00 with NO other junk food to go with it!   And what can you get under a dollar? ? under a dollar including tax... one more thing brings it beyond $75.00 a month!   Crazy... $ 75.00 a month... and $900.00 a year on NOTHING except fat on my hips!

Oh well.  Simple... but not so easy!
I'm trying to keep these figures in mind, trying to keep myself on track!
 So far so good, but summer will kill me! I'm sure!