Thursday, April 26, 2012

Like mind

It is so difficult to find those who think like you do, want to live in the same way, and respect personal dicessions made that only work in the life of one person, couple, or like minded group. I would love to have a place where I could say or do anything and not be slammed by everyone else that read it and didn't understand, see, or respect another persons view. I completely get that I think differently, more simplistic, archaic if you will, but it works for me. The thing I don't understand about general society is that good is good, bad is bad, hard labor is not a sign of ignorance, dialects are not the sum of a human, only an indication of source. I do not get what skin color has to do with content. I do not understand how one group dislikes another without knowing them. I am so sick of the pointing of fingers, words thrown around as if they have no meaning. I do not allow certain things said in my house, I do not welcome it being said in my presents. I do not like it in my world. I protect my little part of the world no matter where my friends reside, come from, what language they speak, what country they live, what clothes they choose, and what ever color tone they were born into. In a facebook note recently read.... We are all of color, some of us are of less color and while we label everything some are just the absents of color. The point is we are all human, act like one! Clean your house, neighborhood, city, , state, country.. And tell those whom are not responsible to get with it!... Example is I just told a relative I love dearly how disappointed I was with a situation... It is my responsibility as another human. I'm not his mother... But I will not allow his bad to be brought into my house and he knows it. Life really is what you make of it, if you dont apply good you will only get the absents of good!