Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why? They ask.

It is early morning here, and as I sit at my computer awaiting the time to leave for the barn, then to my next job... (number two for the day) I ponder my little horseback trip.

A local paper is picking up the story they asked me what I was doing.

Several people ask me WHY and each time my answer is somewhat different.

My mind screams each time I am asked... WHY NOT?   I try to keep my cool and not get lost in the society standards of living within a certain frame,  What is the big deal?  The big deal to me is not that I am doing it, but that I didn't allow a dream to die.  We all have dreams when we are younger... I'm going to do this when I grow up!   And yes some of them change as we change, but what about those dreams that only grow with us, that never fade?   How could I go to my grave knowing that I never even TRIED!   Just trying to do something is half the battle.  OH I'm too old, OH but I only have a little time in the dead of winter.  OH that would take forever.  OH that sounds crazy. OH it cost too much.  Oh that's not safe. Why would you want to? Your a girl, surely you can't do this alone!

I understand EVERY excuse in the world!  I get it! I'm asking my friends to help, I'm asking my husband to trust that I will do everything to keep myself safe on this little venture.  I'm asking my parents to grit their teeth knowing their child is out in the freezing cold, on a back road, in a strangers yard, and begging along the way. NOT a comforting thought for any parent at any age.    But I was raised that my limits were my own, as society puts up walls it is up to us to de-construct these walls brick by brick and to put them in a place that supports our own dreams, ambitions, and expectations of life.

I recently saw on facebook where the word life was described as a verb, an action noun, while I see it more as a four letter word... Life was never meant to be easy... it was meant to be lived... living, choosing, and acting on life is hard... but hard work brings about hope... again all four letter words
hard work = hope

So while I am older... with aches that are beyond my years (xrays to prove it ... ha ha ha... )

While I am on a sick horse...

While I am doing this in the dead of winter and crossing some of the best mountains east of the Mississippi ...

While I am taking a slower horse, that will take me even more time than others that go coast to coast.

While I am alone in my dream, which makes it sound outlandish to society...

And the cost.... Anything worth doing correctly takes time... to plan, and save.  I have and keep a horse fund, this is coming out of my horse fund.   You can't responsibly have a horse and not have a fund, a plan, or a savings account ... Besides this is why I have three jobs! yes THREE!

While my adventures are not safe, but life is not safe if you live it to its fullest!  Your passion may be skiing, diving,or motorcycles each has its risk.  Each cost as much as you can afford to support your passion, people upgrade as much as they can afford to feed their passions, this ride is no different than that black diamond rush, that night dive taken alone, or that track day at the most technical of tracks.

I want to do it because I refuse to die or live the last of my life WISHING I had done something, wishing I had tried, regretting the facts that I allowed a dream to fade instead of throwing a log on the fire and allowing it to heat my soul in my last days.

I have always said life is what you make of it!
I believe this and live by it!
I am what I am ... and I am a dreamer, a risk taker, and a woman who doesn't mind being alone listening to the beet of my horses feet, the wind in my hair, cars passing me as kids gawk out the side window.

I can only hope ONE kid sees they too can do what ever it is they dream.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I get so embarrassed

yes it is a double edge sword, Travel (in a timely manner) requires a LARGE carbon print.  But I can only hope I do enough each day to off set what damage I do in my travels.  I get so embarrassed when I come home the pain makes me write the following ...

I have seen a little of the world and hope to see more of it, if my life allows, but seeing and learning is my largest textbook in life and continuing this is important to me.  Eyes Open People!

Ecuador trip while not a travel trip more of a tourist trip was enough for me to figure out where I wanted to go back and learn more of the country and its people.

My choice would be the highlands.  People whom seem to cherish the OLD ways but welcome some of the new technologies that can make life better.

 While still using animals for moving items and / care taking of the lands some have newer ways of caring for soil and the eco system.

While many will NOT agree.  I believe animals to be a serious part of the full circle when it comes to land and food.

Animals can not exist without grasses and few GOOD grasses for the animals can  not exist without bacteria and worms which help to digest and soften the land into a workable system able to support humans, as WE are the heavy burden of the lands.    We as humans require so much and WE (as Americans) require more than ANY OTHER COUNTRY in the WORLD!

Why?   Because WE in the US are not connected to the land as most.  We are not learning as a country we are living life with blinders ... that our food supply will continue at no cost to the earth OR to our health in the long term.

While I am only one person, and I do not EXPECT every US citizen to do much to help their house (with future bills, by using low wattage bulbs CFL's) or their community ( by simply creating their own compost pile, OR recycling all their plastics they can, or purchasing things in glass) OR our country ( by cutting back on water use, electricity usage.. by using a water heater timer)  and even less for the WORLD we live in.. by purchasing local food, drinks, and cutting down on their use of GAS!  purchasing high mileage cars, using public transportation (where available)... There is little OIL in the US and it would never support our greedy appetite  for quick one person travel several times a day.  

I travel daily but only in a specific circle as to save my gas, my car, and my time.  I do all the things above as it is easy for one person to do so many things in order to make life better for others.

We only have CFL's in our house!
While we do not have the ability for an instant delivery hot water system (yet) we have a TINY 50 gallon water heater that is NOT allowed to keep water VERY hot only hot enough to wash with.
We purchase local foods when we can (road side stand)
and while my car is OLD... 12 years old she still gets over 50 miles to the gallon and only uses 2quarts of oil for each oil change.
I use glass when ever I can,
I carry a reusable stainless steel container in summer and winter.
I recycle everything I possibly can and even send things to be re cycled else where if needed. (my area only recycles certain numbers, but will take all plastics to keep them out of the land fills.)

All of this is NOT enough for WORLD wide effects but if everyone did a little it would add up more each day! If everyone added one more thing to do each year it would continue to add up as well.

Please Try people.
This is not about me.
This is about how hard we are on the land, the continent and the world.

Rant time over!

But please! do SOMETHING!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

putting myself to the test.

While this blog is about living basic!

I am putting it all to the test and I am going to be traveling BY HORSE BACK in the dead of WINTER from Asheville NC to Nashville TN starting in January.

YEP!   I will be living off my horse during the day, setting up my tent each night as we move across the land.   While I am at a little more of a disadvantage than my ancestors in one way I am more prepared in other ways.

My ancestors had towns to stop, pay to have their horses cared for, and could get a room with no worries of their animals.  It was also during the time when it was normal for a stranger to ask to sleep in your barn, or even ask for a spare bed.  (these things I will not be doing)   I will be worried to death, as many horses are stolen for meat market now a days or just shipped cross country to make a dime, a dime is all they would make on mine!  (as one is more likely to die if feed is changed, and the other...well she is a special needs as well, but more mentally than physically )

Having said as much, I am far more on the advantage side... as my equipment is good, my mind in active,  spirits excited. And I am doing all I can to get the word out... Asking others to tell their friends so I ride up to a house and ask for Water, two trees to tie my horses and a place to throw my tent I am not turned away as quickly if the word was not out there!  

Sounds extreme!  I know! it is... but I at least have to try!   I have to know I didn't put something on that bucket list and not attempt to do it!

Here is my blog for the trip ...http://ambernavarresweetpea.blogspot.com/ This trip , its preparation, and daily updates along the way are all I am putting there.  I will rarely put things on this simple blog as while Simple to the extreme... not quite what normal people do to go simple!

The name of the blog?   Me, and my two horses.   Amber, Navarre and Sweet Pea! after all we are all each of us will have on this little trip, unless I get some followers that want to help, want to spread the word, and want to see me accomplish my goal! ?  we shall see.

Monday, August 22, 2011

its the little things in life.

I know I live in a strange place!  Rarely does someone NOT drive on the wrong side of the road, as they straighten out a curve.  Rarely does someone go the speed limit, and if you do! you're more likely to get hit from behind!

Life is fast, busy, and a pace I never knew it was going to be, but I live it! I hang on, I do my best, and I try to slow it down as much as possible where ever I can.

But tonight it was the simple act of several someones taking turns at a one lane bridge.   (I cross this bridge 6 times a day as I go to and from the barn)  Normally who ever hits their brakes first stops, while the on coming traffic barrels over the creek as fast as possible, more often than not with whom ever behind them stuck to their bumper as if lava rolling down the mountain at them.

Tonight it was the act of kindness of as each person stopped and allowed the next to go.  I was the last one in line, but just seeing the act of kindness was a lift of my spirit.  It was the simple act of each person treating the other as they wanted to be treated.

It is the simple things in life!
From a hand written note, a cold drink of water, down to the daily hum drum of stopping at a one lane bridge and allowing others the right to go instead of TAKING their turn for speed.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

One thing every woman needs. WELL worth the money!

This is one of those things one needs when she travels...

Please check out this link.
one thing every woman needs.

check out the video on how to use this one piece of clothing! it is on the link above...

throw this over your little black dress, over your little black skirt and you have more outfits! get a basic color and you have a top, a cardigan, a cover up... and more! it ROCKS!!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011


This time I'm cleaning out my HORSE SUPPLIES.

Most everything I need to get rid of is GIVE AWAY! 
The only two things I am SELLING are two very expensive horse blankets.  I am only asking $25.00 plus shipping!  for each of these blankets I paid well over $200.00 for!   Otherwise everything else if free!

SO ... if I have it ... and you want it, just pay shipping and it's yours.

I have TONS of horse leg boots,
I even have great chaps for riders!
I've got a pair of barely worn English boots!
warming throws.
leather halter,  brass breakaway...
what ever you are looking for just ask, I may have it in your size.

I've got pictures... I'll add as the weekend continues but first come first get... so send me an email NOW!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cold ?Weather in May...

Around here you are not suppose to plant tomatoes until AFTER Mothers Day.  Today is a prime example why.

It is not 50 degrees today, wet, cold ,and just uncomfortable.  A good 20 degrees below our average high for this time of year.  It never fails... as soon as you put everything out, something happens.

But having said that so negatively ... this weather works wonders on pastures! They love all the sun with out all the heat! This should make some local hay really good! Wish me luck getting my hands on it.   I had 100 bails expected for the last two weeks.  I am very thankful my guy has hundreds and hundreds of acers to cut, as what got rained on he will keep for his cattle and I didn't loose anything... YET!

I have several back up plans, but mother nature is not very happy thus far so I can only worry about getting my hay till the day I have it safely in a barn!

Otherwise... life is good, animals have been sick but getting better.  A new course of action is in place for the issues, and we will keep an eye on the happenings so next year is not as rough.

I think that is what I enjoy about life.  Everyday is a learning process, some days are simple, some days are rough, but all are about expanding your world of knowledge and relating to local happenings... like weather, hay supplies, and what the weather did to the hay, how well it will sustain my animals over winter... etc...   it never stops!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Simple is HARD!

While simple seems romantic! It sounds poetic! and feels like nothing you have ever felt before... IT IS HARD!

Our tiny 6 acres is getting out of control,  extensive for only one human, no tractor, and very little time to spare.

I did however accomplish taking the old 70's gravely and bush hogging up the side of the road all the way from the garden to the neighbor's drive... which is ON my property ( but the area too steep to put on his... the only reason this bothers me is all the TRASH that spews down into my lot from the garbage can... to his credit it is either wind or bears depending on season and weather.  I almost need to install a repel system so he or I can use it after trash pick up)

If you know what a gravely is... then you know they are ALL torque and no horse power; and on such a grade as what I have, that means it's all ME pulling the thing out of areas or trying to maneuverer it around things like boulders, trees, or gullies.

I need to bush hog SOOOOO much more, but my hands can only take so much (from all the shaking), my back can only pull so many times, and yes my legs can only brace or dig into the ground so often!   So around the perimeter of the estate and then into details around apples and paw paw trees.    I now need to bring it back to the house to bush hog what WAS the garden last year.  The ground at the house needed a rest, it needs to be rebuilt and so... two or three years rest it will have.  I hope to get it in resting order soon.  Clover this fall and legumes next spring...

Weeds on the estate are OUT of control.  It is the area! The state has planted things that roots go down at least 4 feet in order to keep the area from washing away.  Most of the lots on the mountain are so steep cows would have problems on peoples front yards... mine is one of the few that is 95% walkable,  but just because I can walk it doesn't mean I can get the gravely up or down it!

I suppose I am going to have to break down and purchase a GAS weed eater ( I just can't stand them... sound, smell, and they are heavy) but my electric is NOT going to cut it around the barn.  I have plenty of electric cord, the generator is small enough for me to move around, but ... the weeds are too fast, thick and course in nature for an electric... I need one I can put a metal blade on it and go to town!

Then I will need to take the time and work on the old apple tree in the garden area.  This thing has got to be aired out, or it is going to kill itself off.   I've had the property 4 years and only last year after planting my other four trees did this old one start making apples!   A bonus for me, but also one more thing on the to do list!

I hope to take the camera back to the estate later today... if and when I do I'll take some black and whites to post here! /// Sorry guys no black and whites  only color tonight.  I'll try again tomorrow.

I hope everyone else living simple is having an easier spring!

p.s. the trees are not in full leaves up to the top of the mountain yet! and we have had HEAVY frost for the last three nights! making my planting season that much shorter!

you just gotta laugh!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

confused ? can't find the correct words.

Humans do so many wrongs to each other.
In other countries women are property
In other places around the world people are killed because of tribal affiliations, race, beliefs.

As I sit here knowing one of the worlds harmful humans is no longer a personal threat, I find it hard to act in a positive way, rejoicing in death, or anything other than confusion.

I am proud that our government had the thought to care for the body with respect.  I know in other countries they would have dragged the body in the streets had it been an US citizen, it would have been pulled apart and pranced up and down the streets;  but I am thankful our military did NOT do this.

It is important to me that the Muslims out there that do NOT agree with the action of Osama where not offended by the military actions.

Extremism is out there EVERYWHERE no matter who you are, or religion you are.  We as a country do keep the KKK in check as much as possible, but they are still there, and are still a threat.  I had hoped the Muslims who are of faith, but not of hostile beliefs, would have done more....  BUT I have been eagerly offended by as many extremist of faith (of several beliefs) at my own door, on the streets, in large cities and even recently in business; where we cut ties with a company due to unsolicited pamphlets.

I can only hope at some point in history we can get rid of this I'm better than you attitude, I'm the only faith going to a better place, If you don't think like me attitude!  and my worst... I'm going to put fear into you!

To peace AND diversity...
To growth and education
To the human race getting along!

I know there will always be wars, I know there will always be disputes around the world, and I know as young of a country as we are... we are JUST entering the realm of true hate for generations to come.  But this is hard for me to hear and admit as I was not raised to make judgement on others, when I have not walked in their shoes, lived their life, or experienced their hardships different from mine.

While the US does have poverty... MOST are still above poverty in other countries, and here if you REALLY want help, there is help to be had.  While in other countries it is population control.

I just can not rejoice, but I am glad he is not still here to PLOT more harm... although someone was waiting to take his place... if not several!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Its a new day.

While it is VERY late for me, I have had such a wonderful day.

I got several things on my to do list done, and have set a foundation for getting more settled tomorrow.

Today started with Bella... the dog in my very first post.
Then she and I moved on to playing with the birds.
Letting the horses out for pasture...
back to the house to make room in the truck bed for trees..(moving gravely... old planters broken no longer of any use...as well as all the plastic I had in the bottom of my containers. (milk juges... soda bottles etc... ) .. Yeah...
Going to get my trees I paid for yesterday...
Taking the slowest curviest roads home so not to wind burn my new Japanese Maples.  three in all... two red weeping... ONE of the prettiest things I've ever seen... One is white and green leaves (verigated) with PINK tips... Yea... yeah... don't expect me to remember names of Trees... when I have a hard enough time with humans... (once I see a face... it is burned in my mind... but names... FORGET IT!)

Filling up on Diesel... not even 1/2 a tank and well over $60.00 wow... no towing this week!
Getting to the barn, getting the horses in, brushed, and ready for a ride... As I promised LL and GG I would take them up and down the road today!   and really... SO HAPPY to do it!   I did however forget my gloves... I have become such a wuss. I don't do much without my gloves these days...  But we had SUCH a delightful ride... rides... LL went out with me twice!  Large... blisters on both palms... and both ring fingers! what a laugh! With all the work I do you would think they stay calloused, but ... soft as can be... and now blistered...
I then got the garden tilled again... BUT I have much bush hogging to do tomorrow! Garden area.. / fruit tree area... one of the tiny pastures... (attracting too many bears... YES bears!) that is another story... other blog!  as well as the barn, and wooded area... too much rosabunda (what we called wild roses at home)

Jerry has promised to assist me in changing out the attachments... So as this is the SECOND public "outing" I have made about it... I can only hope it happens... it takes me FOREVER to do it alone!

My to do list for Tomorrow... Plant Tomatoes plants... but plant more seeds...
Plant, more corn, peas, squash, egg plant... and what ever else I feel like taking care of!
Peas are up... but only a few corns are up? not sure what happened there! but an entire row 3 feet wide awaits more corn, beans, pumpkins, squash etc...

I am so excited about getting a little in the garden done...
A little in the pasture
A little in the woods?
I am hoping to start on the blueberry patch by next weekend...

While I posted on my facebook last week I had hoped to start on my rock wall, Too much is getting out of control, and so much needs attention, the wall will have to wait! BUT I am picking up larger rocks each time I walk to the barn... In with a rock OUT with a shirt full of weeds!

I could only WISH I had time for a late ride up the mountain tomorrow... We shall see!   Wish me luck~

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Historical Weather.

While so many have been lost, injured, or simply lost everything they ever owned; we again are of the lucky!

Being in the list of LUCKY people dodging the wrath of Mother Nature, I can only  appeal to your heart and ask you to take note of what is important to you.

Yeah... yeah... yeah... everybody says they can do with out ... But your not! You collect! You keep up with your neighbors, you still get things  society thinks you should have.    Have you EVER put a freeze on your family?   NOTHING new for a MONTH for starters... people learn so much from REAL experiences, and they become more attached to what occurs to others if a parent has taken note and driven that nail home!

I remember as a child... a large family having a hard time with ? everything... it was a slow time in finances of US history and some families really struggled.   This large family was at our house and we went to the back yard and picked corn, enough for them to take home, feed their family of 8.    I remember then... thinking I know that was going to be family food for us and extended family, so for my parents to offer their share to someone else meant a lot.  It hit me that they must have less than us.  This at a time when I was being made fun of for my shoes etc... like kids will do.   A lesson learned, a lesson I NEVER forgot!

I get all the family mementos! Although the US is a VERY young country and few of us have our history back to "the boat" our beginnings of the land.  Photos, trinkets, ?  for me it's a mug I took from my Paw Paw when I moved to California... I stole it! I knew it was wrong.. but I needed something as a security blanket! and that man was mine!  I called and told him once I was 3,000 miles away! Knowing he would never come get it!  To this day it is a prized possession for me!   It is cracked, chipped, and of no real use now; (from moving so many more times) BUT it is a piece of my life I LOVE and would search for in the aftermath of a tornado.  I use it on a daily basis to hold loose buttons... my rings as I wash dishes etc... but it has a function in my home!

I have very little... because I need no more! I live in a tiny house (1930's ) by todays standards, but I do NOT need any more room.  Having a small house keeps me in line!  It keeps me from collecting things that are of no use.  I have certain vases I use, and they stay out with or without flowers, branches, and often HOLD my paint brushes for a daily function.

The fact these people have what is on their back... AND LUCKY if they got out with ALL their relatives!
They still have to pay back those loans on the now rubbish of a house.
They still have to take care of what the insurance doesn't pay off on their cars.
They do not have those shoes they had to get to complete an outfit... Or that purse that was... "to die for" a must.

IF you can't prepare your family by doing without in honor of those whom have lost so much...
Then at least give away ( to a reputable charity) things you don't use anymore.
Talk to your children about other children who no longer have toys, clothes, or a dinner table at which to sit.
and explain to them how Nature keeps its own time!

No I am not saying you have to scare your children!!! I can't stand scare tatics... even in religion I believe it has no place ...

But reality... and having a plan... is important.
Where should your children Hide in your house? How do your children get OUT of your house if necessary... NOT the door people... that is normal... we are talking emergencies here!
Where should your children meet up with you in the event of a fire in your house,  Why should they NOT go back in? etc...
These are all things we must discuss; but hate to do so...

Considering we have no children, for us! it is How and Who is going to get the birds in their travel cages.... etc... But it all needs to be a plan down to what car you drive away in.

Please do this!
Please do the basics no one else to teaching these days...

My parents always planned for the worst... When I was a child from 5 on... It was to climb out your bedroom window  don't worry about the window or screen... just get out... and meet us at the maple tree in the front yard.  DO NOT go back in... and do NOT leave with anyone except your or Nanny or PawPaw.... simple but a life saver all the same.

Basics people... back to the basics... These tiny things not being taught are things that can save your life... and the life of your children AND grandchildren.  Do it as a family ... Do it in each house if necessary... BUT PLEASE DO IT!

This is your chance to have a prime example of why a family needs to pull together... be a family and plan for the worst but may it never happen to you!

Everyone in my thoughts
To those whom have lost so much, may your tomorrow be brighter each day.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Only words Friday...

For me... Life is about learning!
We all make mistakes, but I have in me the NEED to learn, the need not to repeat. 
It is not always about what I like, it is also about what I do NOT like, what I will NOT allow in my world, and what I have a partnership with, or control of only my own actions.

Cause... can can mother nature  ( completely out of my control) 
Effect would be a learned way, one step closer to doing it right... the next time.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

keeping it simple.

While my life has gotten more complicated... I took a THIRD job! with the economy on a down the winter months were sparse to say it nicely.   My animal clients didn't travel as much, and the motorcycle guys didn't purchase as much.  So a third job just to make sure I am pulling my weight, make sure I am feeding and caring for my horses the way I prefer... which no less expensive than a child... I figure my horses cost me about 8,000.00 on a good year! So... 

BUT even with all of this! I am loving my life, enjoying the fact as I sit at this computer it is dark outside, but the birds are awake, and the smell in the air is clean, and I can tell moisture is on the way.  Life is what you make of it, and while I have little time to post these days I am still ALWAYS a work in progress.  Cleaning closets, getting rid of ANYTHING I'm not using all the time.  My garden is a work in progress, a test area for me this year on the estate.  BUT ALL my scraps go into composting... I have lots of dry to balance the food and the manure.  

All my jobs are Season geared... so Summer will be the time I will run like a chicken with my head cut off, but this winter I will be able to care, ride, and enjoy my horses with no one else to worry with.  I so enjoy the quiet of winter riding! The fresh snow on the ground, the quiet of the first snow ride.   So I am just making the most of what I have! 

I can only hope your life... no matter how busy it is... is as peaceful as you intend it to be.

Much love to you all. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

Only words Friday...

Do not allow your exuberance to block out the light needed for your journey. 
Knowledge is light- 
Exuberance without knowledge is a journey in darkness.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Only words Friday...

NEVER tell a child that something... anything... is impossible, for that child might surprise you.

Never be responsible for putting out a light that could have led the world with hope.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Only words Friday...

Why is it that we wish to do, is what we see others doing; even if we would not do it well ourselves? 

You are more special than you give yourself credit for... YOU are better at somethings than others, Why follow what someone else does well, when in fact, you could teach them of something else.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Only words Friday...

We gain strength from the temptations we resist.

 and yes... this includes that "special" coffee you paid so much for.
Those shoes you think you have got to have.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Only words Friday...

We do not have to be the best, ONLY do DO our best.

Your heart, your soul always knows when you have given it your all.  Trust your self, but do not under estimate your ability.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Only words Friday...

A moment spent trying to do too many things is a moment lost. 

Try this just one day! (not today, as it has started) ... start it from the moment you wake up.
Enjoy the process of waking up, slowly... 
Enjoy the feeling of standing stretching. 
relish that first cup of coffee, and do NOTHING else when you drink it!  If coffee is a positive it will capture your attention, if it is a crutch; it will push your mind to something else.
Enjoy the feeling of your clothes on your back.

EVERY thing you do... for just ONE DAY take the time and make it (alone) a pleasure 

This can change your outlook! 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Only words Friday...

Each day treat everything as though you are seeing it for the very first time.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Only words Friday...

The majority of mankind is passive; we simply lie down and let things happen to us.

Please... get up! go after your dreams and live life instead of following the life in front of you.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I finally did it!
I got into my wardrobe and cleaned it out.

My wardrobe is only for barn clothes and play clothes that can go out in public.

I have clothes from high school a good 25 or more years ago.  These clothes I have from another time in my life are not of use to anyone else, but I kept them so I had barn clothes.  If it is the one thing I can not stand ...it is getting clothes and having them ruined not long after from things at the barn.

These clothes so old and tattered no one would accept them at a salvation army or second hand shop.  I keep them holes, stains and strings hanging, but today I thew most of them away.

I kept 7 sweat shirts
I kept 7 barn pants
I kept 7 long sleeve t's
and only 7 short sleeve t shirts.
And while this will only last me three days in the coldest of weather... any other time of the year I could go a week with out a worry.  This is all I NEED, and thus, all I am going to keep.

The what if's have got to go?
so what?
I can do with what I have... many have even less.

I feel so much better!   I did keep all of my socks! although made a list of those that need to be darned.
I kept most of my undergarments but they too needed to be updated... and thus... I have done so.

I feel better,
my wardrobe looks better,
My life feels lighter!

Next are my work clothes...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Only words Friday...

Most will go through life not knowing the limits of their abilities.  Rarely does one reach their limits as they are so high. Seldom are they sought after with such energy.

Please I beg of you... try to see what your limits are... do NOT give up.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Only words Friday...

Those who have lived a full and peaceful life have little fear of death and can meet it calmly.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Only words Friday...

There can be no peace while our every waking thought is preoccupied with the belief that we must live a "profitable" life.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

Update on no electricity

Life at the barn is fine.  I just experienced a good 7 days never coming above freezing more than 30 minutes in the entire week.

I was at the barn early Friday morning with only 5 degrees registering at the "local official" news forecast.
I have to say it is normally a little worse in the winter here the more elevation involved.... which includes the barn.

With only 5 degrees being registered... I hooked up my water source and cleaned and filled my 100 gallon water container for the horses.

My father asked me what I was doing with all the ice I broke and fished out of the troft?  I throw it in the bathtub I explained!  It is cast iron and heats up well in the heat of the day with the sun glaring down on it!     I am a simple woman, but not completely stupid I explained...   he just laughed at me.

So far so good.  I have now had three days above freezing as of today...a dreadful Monday!  so the ice and snow on the roof trickles and sounds delightful; as if I had my own waterfall installed.  I enjoy hearing the echo as if falls into the barrel.  Only one more sound of delight at my barn

The hawks fly, swoop, and squawk entertaining us all
The horses breathe, snort, and chew their hay
The squirrels knock snow from the tree limbs and even this makes a enjoyable sound in the silence of a snow swallowed barn.
As the weather has helped the snow to melt, it now crunches under my feet as I make my way through the woods to the barn, trying not to mar my pastures for spring.

I can tell my next barn adventure will be to fence off part of the woods ...
If for no other reason than to have another place for the horses to run, stand, and kill trees instead of tearing up my grassy pastures.

One more thing to add to my to do list.

Sorry there are no pictures today! It is hard in such cold, to take off gloves in order to take a decent picture.
I promise to provide pictures on my next post.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Only words Friday...

Consider life as a sequence of   CAUSE and EFFECT, and never rely on luck

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A morning walk in the silence of snow

As I drove to care for a clients dog, the air got thick and froze to the trees as I got higher up the mountain.
While these photos are not black and white I figured there was enough white to make it work. 

From a distance you can see caves... it is a little of a hike up into the woods but still within site of the road.

I decided as I drove back the next day  (yesterday) I would park the car, and walk up to the caves. 
They were amazing! 
While my photos are not up to par... there is no way to reflect these were larger/taller than me. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Only words Friday....

We must learn not to spoil those things we have with our overwhelming desire for those we do not have.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life without Electricity...

Of Course I have electricity in my house, but why have the expense at a barn, on the side of a mountain in the middle of no where?

I quickly decided after asking for a temporary permit for electricity just to build the barn, it was NOT going to be worth the money; until I build a house on the mountain. Over 2,000 dollars for TEMPORARY... I don't think so!  If it were forever that would make sense, but not to throw the money out the door.

So I am now learning how to manage my horses in the cold of winter with no electricity for water pump, water heater or for fencing.

The fence is easy.... While the instructions that came with my solar fence said it would take a week to charge a dead battery I find, on a good sunny day it takes only one day.   I got the largest charge I could and I only have it running when the horses are out.  This has thus far taken care of itself, easy to manage and not an issue.

Water...on the other hand... I could have dug a well, around here they start at Ten Thousand and go up.  So this too was out of the question, until I build a house.  Besides... Why share my water with the horses IF I have another source.  RAIN... So for only a small investment I planned ahead and now have a 3,000 gallon tank that is fed by rain, snow, and even the heavy morning dew.   I love it!
I LOVE IT BUT>>>>>> it is above ground and measures must be taken to function!
While we have been well below freezing earlier than normal this year we have yet to be below freezing for a solid week or more.
BUT after only 3 days of below freezing I still have beautiful, clean, water flowing from my exterior source.  As long as I can keep the hose line free of water, not allowing it to freeze itself I believe we will be fine.

I have had several ask how I am doing this.
Easily and Cheaply...
I did purchase pipe insulation wrap, but not only did I wrap the exterior line, I had the water container placed on the SOUTH side of the barn for a reason.  And while EVENTUALLY I will cover my large water container to look more like that on a roof in old cities, western towns, and movies... I have only basic resources to protect it today.  STRAW!
Few realize the wonderful value of a good bail of straw.  I am sure some of you have heard of straw bail homes.  This is basically the same thing... ? not really but the insulation point is.

I have place only four bails on the back, Three on the front, as I still need access to the pipe in order to attach the hose when I need to add water to their container.

I will have to let you know when the system stops working and under what conditions caused its stop.  Otherwise I am happy with what little I have done,  What little I have spent, and what little it cost me each month... ha ha ha...

Life can be simple... But simple is not ALWAYS easy.
Do what you can with what you have!