Tuesday, October 29, 2013

On the go.

While I am VERY thankful to have a part time job.  I am still in search for that full time job!

While I am not full time employed with insurance benefits. My life is about how much I can save money, and what I can make for us to eat and how to extend it as far as we can.

I am getting  more and more done around the house that I was not able to get done while working at Pirates' Lair, Pet Sitting, and working at the clothing store.

I have a friend that is planning to come in next month some time, so this is making me clean out the guest room that I had turned into my work clothes dressing room.   You have to understand there is very little room to walk around this extra room.  Very very little space.

As I go through my things I am throwing out, donating, and planning a yard sale for as soon as I can.
There is no telling if anything I have is worth anything but... I've got to start getting rid of so much stuff that I do not use on a regular basis.

I figure the store is likely not to need me very often.  Thus the horses will no longer have shoes as of the end of the month!   Cutting my monthly (6week) bills down almost 200 dollars a month.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


It is the month the trees have or are going to change colors.
Most people think this is the month of Orange, and it is... BUT it is the color of PINK as well.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

As I type this I have a family member who has struggled with this for YEARS. 
I have had a breast exam every year after the age of 40 because ...
My mothers sister has breast cancer to this day.
My 2nd cousin had breast cancer. My Grandmothers Brothers eldest daughter.

So both of those are on one side.

My fathers side says little about anything... but my grandmothers sister died of Ovarian Cancer, and the other sister never had children ? due to what they called "female problems" ? I hate when they hide stuff... but many families do.

We all have to remember your history of cancers should go back at least THREE generation.

I hate having my mammogram each year because I have little to no breast so they clamp down on the muscle tissues behind the breast as well.  BUT who cares if like my Aunt .. it was not six months AFTER her mammogram that she was diagnosed with stage 4 .  This is how aggressive this thing can be.  Not always and not most of the time but why take your chances if it is.

I'm not one that preaches pink all year.. I'm not one that shoves it into the internet waves every chance I get, but we may as well all be proactive on preventative.  If not! Why run having to catch up after a diagnosis. 

Life is short don't make yours shorter and more painful out of stupidity!
Done with the rant!