Friday, September 21, 2012

I spent MORE money! yep ... it is always on the horses!
I have already put on my horse blog ... the day of getting in hay, but the point here is I spent another 800.00 dollars on hay!   I had hoped not to have to get hay from a more expensive guy, but he delivered AND I got in 200 bails! My local guy has been rained out for most of the year and left me desperate for hay.  I have to get the cheap stuff.  Decent stuff is $7.00 a bail that would have been 1,400.00 dollars easitly NOT delivered... but I'm good for a while and hope my guy gets one more cutting.

I normally get all my hay in the spring, but it was too wet here so I have been scrimping all summer.  I still need at least another 150 bails to make it through winter as nicely as I have always hoped.

I have also been doing REALLY well only spending $50.00 a week on food.  I am having to get a few things in bulk, a few things BEFORE I want to, but thus far it is working out nicely.

I am stocked up on toilet paper, paper towels, coffee, p-nut butter, tuna, and a few other basics for a while... allowing me to spend a little more on meats etc...

My packed lunches for the week are

Kale cooked in red wine, garlic, gluten free soy sauce! (stems in freezer for veggie stock later)
Sweet Potato oven fries ( rosemary, thyme,red pepper, olive oil and garlic) (stems of herbs in veggie bag for stock later too)
G/F bread( if you can call it bread... I did have to get the cheep stuff! ) tomato, mayo, lettuce sandwich! makes the GF bread tolerable! ha ha ha...

tomato/ cheese, vinegar, basil salad...  (scraps of cuts of tomato's from sandwich above...)
boiled corn on cob (i froze a few unopen/uncleaned ears this summer... yep silks and all.)
Tuna salad, grapes, almonds, apple pieces, mayo etc...

these two lunches will last me next week...I will rotate them put them in my coller bag, with an old ice bag that is about to die...  I have tomatoes, basil, thyme, lettuce, kale basics from the garden and should last for the week. More has been planted but it not taking off too much as of yet.  On the last of the spring crops...

 I am very excited all of this is working so well and sharing it seems to make a little more sense as so many discussions are up in the air about people not being able to survive on fifty dollars a week.  How hard it is, how horrible the food is, how we cant expect a family of two to tolerate it!  I'm not complaining YET! I am sure I will be more and more as time goes on and I want more food during the cold of winter... BUT the other thing is most people in the States eat HUGE portions ... This is the ONE THING you can NOT do on $50.00 a week! 

So far so good.
If  I am not being clear enough... let me know it is not a big deal!