Friday, July 15, 2016

Finding or recognizing yourself

     In the midst of throwing things away, and keeping others, allowing everything to mix marry and serve two if not several purposes you come to recognize little things you have forgotten; NOT intentionally.  But in the midst of us allowing life's issues to  get in the way we forget our passions, or deepest wants and needs so we can make it through the day on to the week and quite frankly as an "American" culture we simply live to work so we have enough money to dream of doing something but so few of us ever actually DO that something.

     I'm pretty much a gypsy at heart! If alone I could move from place to place and explore the earth for the rest of my days.  While frowned upon in many cultures; thinking it means you stay dirty, never commit to anything, have no education, no real purpose in the world.  I say its still a dream for many!

     While I am committed and have a husband and many (too many) animals to consider to be moving about, it doesn't mean I don't want SOME aspect of the modern gypsy vibe in my home.  In fact the plates in this photo were purchased long before Jerry was a part of my life. The frame a brilliantly perfect observation and gift from his loving daughter. And the glass, well a hand made item I pick up again over 20 years ago before Jerry was around.  He came with the typical black bachelor plates, a WHITE sofa and beautiful hand woven rugs; all in colors that I would ruin in a day considering how earthy my life is.  Thank goodness all of these have his ocean life colors AND my earthy colors a great way for us both to be happy with the decor.

     Of course over time we decided to travel instead of worrying about the decor of our home.  We love our little old house.... Hardwood floors, solid doors, brass knobs, and skeleton keys!  A lovely little stone cottage but... NO insulation! well barely under the floor to the basement but no where else! Stone, PLASTER, and wood that's it.  It had coal furnace when we moved in, it filled the basement and HAD to go!

     So going tiny I'm making a point to keep the things that can speak to us both and bring our love for ocean and mountain together!   Going small also allows me to spend my money on things I really like such as the hardwood floor for the container; not having to floor a 1000 square foot house or larger I can afford the floors I want!  Oak, Bamboo, or ? what ever!

     Bamboo floors would give us a nice light airy feeling, I of course will have to weigh the life, cost, and look against other floors but that too will come in time as long as I stay in the color families above!   My new / OLD color palette I always had in mind and never did anything about.  To start dreaming again... The yellow vase that will hold kitchen utensils I use everyday, those blue wine bottles I can turn into kitchen lights over time...  blah blah blah...

     Trash leaves the house and my mind isn't so cluttered any more either! Nice to have a little creativity creep back into you life.  Funny how it all happens, but happening it is!

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