Monday, July 25, 2016

1st step taken.

Simply Amazing....

     Yesterday was the first day my time at work did not feel like an Army Boot Camp.  Generally speaking it's grab, stack, stock, as fast as you can, then ring sling and buggy as fast as you can.  I have a hard time doing all of it!   Literally the first day I was sweating like a lathered horse, second day NOT quite as much, mornings are easier BUT a quicker pace to ready before customers and it is hard to be quicker when you have only a general idea of where things belong. I have no idea where 99% of things are.

     I have a hard time slinging and stacking things when I in fact get disappointed if someone smashes pre shredded cheese (not GF) I purchase for Jerry.  No one wants to pay extra money for a packet of cheese when a block is cheaper only to have it turned into a blob...ha ha ha... I do my best heavy up front under basket, (milk, juice, or cans) boxes and non squashed things in front of buggy ( boxes lined up if I can allowing me yet another layer to stack heavier things on if needed)  and bread eggs and fragile items in the child seat (if there is no child then... well all is fair game) and anything goes.

     As far as grab, stack, stock is concerned I have got to be the worst of the lot, but I am learning as fast as I can.  I am starting to grasp areas but not specifics.  

     I do see why people do not stick with this job.  I do see why they get out instead of staying where benefits nearly double your actual pay.   But for me, for my household the benefits are what will keep me if I last my 90 days.  Don't get me wrong1  I want to surpass any and all goals set before me I want to learn it all faster than anyone else but reality is... I'm am what I am and I can only do my best at any given time.

     Physical progress made is incredible.  While my body aches, and I still crouch and hover as I start to walk after sitting, I am not having to take as much pain meds, I am not having to rub magnesium gel on every part of my body.  Today I only treated my knees, and right arm, although I do still need it in my drink each night.   I find it amazing after only two weeks my arms have a little definition, as does my left good leg.  My right leg has a knot where I thought muscle was no longer accessible.  Yes it aches but I'm happy to have anything in a leg of mush!  My doctors will be thrilled!

     My animals are all a muck, horses as stated previously upset with new feed times, birds... well today was the first to do an hour with them, and the dog thinks I've deserted her and left her to Jerry.  She physically jumps on me, sits on me and lies so I can not move.  She is confused but will adjust as time progresses and I get a grip on how things work, how physically tired I am, and how mentally I am drained from not understanding anything.

     I miss my friends, I miss the relaxation at the barn, I miss SO much but now is a time for me to nourish the land so I can later plant seed for a bountiful crop later.  Each step is for a better life later. The first step was to get my body acclimated to the new physical demands.  And like the steps of the acropolis and the parthenon the steps are tall and not taken lightly but with real effort. So having taken the first real step in this job my body starts to take hold, starts to allow me to make the rest of the steps instead of struggling each day to pure exhaustion.

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