Sunday, July 17, 2016

The simplest things can be hard to find.

Today I spent two hours looking for a simple analog watch.
I don't need anything expensive!
I don't need anything fancy!
No one said going simple was going to be easy, but a watch? no one has a basic, natural color OR just tint and shades, NOT hot pink, baby blue, white on white on rhinestones!

I went to two sporting/ camping places downtown, then to the mall hoping I'd find something.  With NO luck I walked longer than I should have.  Sears, JCPenney, Dillards, etc... They all had watches; but they were all "bling" and bigger than my wrist. Stopped by yet another store on my way through town again to work.

No one seems to be keeping a simple watch in stock.   Everyone has a phone attached to their hip, and expects no one wants a watch.  When I lock my phone in my locker during work so as to concentrate on my task at hand, but learning my new job I need to be able to time myself on task, AND, watch for time to start my closing duties a good two hours before closing.  I simply want an analog with a second hand, numbers are optional, BUT I want it to be water resistant, doesn't need to be waterproof, but no one has them any more.  I don't like to put on jewelry every day.  I don't like to change out my rings, bracelets, etc... and besides with  the new job all of this needs to be kept to a minimal.

I was amazed, the "child size" watches were like an old 50 cent piece, and the adult size watches were like the early 18-1900 Silver Dollars. Iwould like to have something more the size of a quarter.  Basically the kids watch would have looked large, but the adult thing... is the size of my wrist and full of rhinestones loud colors etc... I had one young man hoping to sell me a basic watch telling me it was water resistant.  When I read the warranty, NOT at all! not even for washing dishes.

So tomorrow I borrow Jerry's travel digital and look online for something that is more to my taste.  A swatch would do me just fine!   We shall see!

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