Friday, July 1, 2016

Getting ready for our first yard sale.

For the last 4 days I have emptied the dining room, the den, the front door closet, most of the kitchen and all of my cloth closet.  I am approaching this as if there were some natural disaster... what would I NEED to have to start over, or if going on vacation what would I take with me.  to get it down even further.

I have MUCH further to go but as of today ...
I whittled my necessary books down to a small stack, of course with each area I touch I find more books so as of this moment my stack is too large again.

I got my clothes down to the size of a clothes hamper basket, but these too have grown a little. Having said that I have OVER 4 large trash bags full of clothes that will go in the sale tomorrow.

My shoes ... well I got rid of half of them right away.  I let go of exactly half of my boots and found I only have THREE practical shoes for everyday the rest are so full of flavor I can't let them go YET.  BUT I have a plan.

My purses!   I had some great purses and with all the trade on line I am going to sell or rent them out; I can get more out of them on line than a yard sale.

My art supplies are my largest issue! YEP... especially sense I know Navarre has to find a new home my only other passion FOR ME is painting.. ? not sure what is going to happen there but this too will have to wait till after the yard sale.

I have to say I got rid of all but a set of FOUR of everything in the kitchen.  I will be using my GOOD stuff everyday instead of it sitting away waiting for a special holiday!  So eating will be a pleasure instead of blah... it is amazing how many duplicates I found in different drawers, cabinets etc... Getting everything out and putting it into stacks of same it is amazing what you find! The books grew because of the birds room (I read in there )and the kitchen! because of cookbooks... No one thinks of everything until everything is out and exposed in the raw!   I threw out spices that were old, clumpy, or solid... If you don't use them all the time why do we have them? Besides they all go bad we just hate getting rid of things don't we?

I am SO serious about all of this even my dining room table is going in the yard sale! My dad made my dining room table and it was made LONG before Pier One started selling tables with tile on them. I love this table!  My chairs were found in St. Louis OAK Early American cut of Queen Ann style...  I'll be using my bistro set I got on sale somewhere years ago.   The only chair I can't let go is my great grandfathers cane chair.  It is still sound and can be used so it stays! It is small and I'll figure out some other way to use it as well.   I am getting rid of my side tables... a round table I found in Springfield TN over 20 years ago, and my stool my grandfather made painted a horrible pink (a late request of my grandmother) but a beautiful solid oak underneath.

The dog... NOT for sale.. but she plays with only ONE toy... so all her other toys are washed and ready for new homes!

I threw out all my nail polish but three colors and the clear.
I thew out makeup! yep! anything that was open is now GONE.

I created piles!
books, art supplies, barn supplies, candles, medical supplies (I found I am allergic to latex, so all the others have to go)  I even ended up with a kids pile (I have no kids) but I found I was always picking up trinkets incase my nieces and nephew came over... It never happens SO this pile too will go in the yard sale to keep kids happy while their parents look tomorrow! ha ha h....

Truly as you can see my mind is amuck just like my house! There is so much going on here it is hard to concentrate.  It reminds me of Aunt Gales house with stuff all over the place.  I can't wait to get this yard sale done and get the rest to a donation box and get my house back in some type of order again.

Today I get to price things, figure out my set up for tomorrow, and hopefully relax a moment... as if that's going to happen.

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