Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Simply missing!

While the watch has been VERY hard to find I did in fact find a silly $60.00 swatch to order on line, I'm just waiting for that first paycheck.

When there are changes in life we find we are using muscles we haven't used in forever!
While I do squats, throw hay, shovel manure, and whatever else I can these days  My experience with the new job has been ... well physically challenging.

I have to remember I haven't been able to ride in a year because of my arm, leg, and schedule.  So moving cases of glass filled jars has put my leg and arm to task.  As of last Wednesday I really thought I wasn't going to make it with the job.  Not only physically but mentally as well (another day)... Physically I could hardly walk, I was dragging my leg around the house, wensing with each movement when I had to call a friend and say HELP!!!!!

If you know me... I have an issue with asking for help, when I ask I'm really desperate!  I had taken all I could over the counter and I was reluctant to take my prescriptions (why? because I am having to focus on learning as well and can't afford not to be "sharp" in my learning phase) Not to mention I HATE taking them as they totally mess with the rest of my body.   At any rate this friend was SO helpful and clearly stated... start simple... Magnesium first!

She gave me a list of Magnesium products... In a panic having spent 2 hours looking for a watch I was about to fall apart and still had a full day of work to do.  I got what I could afford (having spent my watch money) and rolled up my pant leg in the parking lot and rubbed on magnesium gel.  I also took some other products she suggested... turmeric which I normally take but had run out of and a painkiller as well.  ALL over the counter, all natural.  

I had read several magnesium advertisements, and thought yeah right! As if anything can really do so much.... And stupidly while supplementing my horses because their hay (core tested) never carries all the minerals and whatnot they need I never took into account after moving to the Appalachian Mountains, I might need to be supplemented for a few things as well.  I eat as local as I can, grow as much as I can, and eat as fresh as I can.  Doing so in an area (some of the oldest mountain in our little world) there are several minerals missing.  Selenium, Magnesium, and too many others to list here.  Doing only a little research and trusting an RN that is holistic as well did a world of wonders for me!

I also got lucky and got to SIT and learn computer work, processes, and customer service things for the day, resting my leg without having to say anything.  I did however have to use my arm which is another problem not being a simple muscle issue.  (yet again another day)

But Magnesium has not only helped with my muscle aches, it has allowed me to sleep better and be more calm in my daily functions, at home and work.  I'm still so highly/ tightly strung few know how to handle me... but...  I WILL get there and be able to calm my world again.

Simple simple simple... loving this new thought process.  Life is getting cleaner, easier, and eventually will be back on track!

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