Saturday, July 23, 2016

WOW... survival.

First thing is the new job is kicking my butt!

While not the most intellectually challenging job it is the most multi task, and physical job I've taken since I was in my twenties.  

It's 4am as I type this and I've been up since 2am.  I have to get my coffee in the Pirates' Lair minimal billing and shipping done, get to the barn feed the horses, get back and take a shower get to work leaving by 5:30 and clock in by 6am.    I get off around 2pm which sounds great but getting to sleep early enough to function the next day is difficult.   BUT this too will change as winter allows me to sleep earlier.

I've always been sun up sun down kind of sleeper but this first and second shift changing is a challenge for me.  There is SO much information that comes into my brain and no common sense as to why it is the way it is.

I've only been at this store for one week and I've only been able to experience working with the same crew twice.  Otherwise I have to withhold my judgement so not to base it on first impressions OR the fact that everyone has a bad day and I could be the newbie causing it!

Frustration occurs, mostly because I am a full picture type of person, I have to understand the who what when where why and how to learn how to figure out how I can go about something and not do it a hundred times.  I'm not able to get all this information as of yet SO.... My frustration, my constant questions, and need for assistance is wearing everyone around me (including and especially myself)  thin on nerves.

Horses are not happy with feed changes, Birds are upset at not having as much attention (I'm gone by sun up and only 2 hours of house time after I get home) I can't sit with them for an hour much less engage them in play or loving.  I can only hope Jerry can make up some of that slack as I am not around.  

Strangely enough I think being on the closing shift may suite me better, but again I really don't have all the information I need to even make that decision.

I get great direction from the manager, she actually gives me all the information I need to make an informed decision. I am learning so much it is not funny, but I do already have ideas of how things could go so much easier at a store level IF I make it my 90 days I'll make a suggestion and see what others think.

I've painted my nails for the day and need to get my shower!
Much love to the world..

OH can't forget my knife for the day, must return Sam's I borrowed yesterday.
Knife, Watch, and a key ring holder is needed... three things for my first pay check?

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