Thursday, July 7, 2016

The personal side of it all.

      The WAVE of emotions in going minimal is that of an ocean; it is a constant up and down, thrill, and pain of the heart.  In every great triumph there are hard decisions being made.

      Do not get me wrong, I am completely enjoying the sight of an empty closet, the vision of empty kitchen cabinets that once held things I really didn't need; a wardrobe I can close my eyes or dress in the dark with no worry of how I walk out of the house.

      In yet another way not expressed I am keeping only things I enjoy and bring me pure pleasure.  My cutlery is no longer that gifted to me, but that of which I had chosen myself. My glasses are all handmade and divine to drink from.  I shall rid my kitchen further by getting rid of any plastics and replacing them with glass as time and money permit.

      Great change is easier than small ones.  A quote from a movie but original I can not verify... This is a great change for me, my husband and anyone else that gives it full attention.  The hard stuff is the small stuff and while we have all heard don't sweat the small stuff; letting go of that fur collar you love so much, that pair of shoes you saved for, craved, and finally allowed yourself.    Letting go of things made for me was even harder... I had a rolling pin made for me as a wedding gift, I used it but once and I no longer need it for defence (ha ha ha) so it too had to go.  But knowing it was the work and sweat of my paternal grandfather and that he truly had me in mind in its creation was hard to let go.   I being the worst baker in the family no longer have any need it or the one my daddy made me 20 years later.   As hand made things are a rarity today they were even harder to let go.

Letting go of things I collected for years to have a good selection, to have the right thing on hand for whatever comes next.  But now NEXT is living with only what I need to have on hand, NOT getting groceries and picking up two of everything.  Not getting something on sale because I have one already in the cabinet... as there will be no pantry!

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