Saturday, July 9, 2016

OH the mess of it all.

I know...

All the books (on the subject) say three stacks...




The truth is it is NOT that easy!

1.  I have to say try selling it all before you donate. BUT it gets very hard NOT to touch it once you have walked by it 100 times AND had it stay in your house.  Mine is in my dinning room I wanted to move it to the front porch but my hubby said it looked too white trash and took it all off to the DONATE company.  Which is a good and bad thing... as my second yard sale will look better and have better things which always make your crap look better and sale easier.  I have had ONE yard sale and told each person that gracious enough to say I had nice things; that this in fact was only the first cut and better, harder things for me to let go will come at the next yard sale. Oh and by the way... make sure everything your selling it at the least clean!  Keep it in piles of kitchen, bath, decor, clothing etc... try I know! I know! but TRY to make it your own little boutique ... everything will sell better if you set it up like you would in your own house, appt, or life!

2.  Trash right now for me is purely trash for anyone!  It is the stuff NO ONE is going to purchase or even just take off my hands.

3.  Keep... I want to keep too much as it is! I kept my piles out so I could (when the feeling hit) go through them once, twice or even three times again until I knew I had taken it down to what was necessary for me.   The largest of my piles is art supplies.

How do you let go of things you REALLY like.  I have a cute drawing from Jessie Tarpley I just can't seem to let go.  Not sure why? except I love it. Its a jack sprat kind of drawing I finally got the perfect frame, but it is not likely to work with the new decor.... What to do?   It sits in my fourth pile... Undecided which right now it fairly large.

A trash bag a day of TRASH is no big deal... DONE and DOING!   A trash bag of undecided ... harder to get rid of BUT getting closer and smaller each time I approach it. Yes it gets a little easier as you do it, yes you can start to make it more and more fun as you go along, BUT I'm not going to paint it all roses and tell you its not a big deal, its your life, but getting rid of things really is about making your life BETTER, EASIER, and BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Beautiful meaning your own definition of incredible! stylish, plush, or rustic.  A smaller space and things the details are all YOU, all your doing do it EXACTLY how you want.  It will take less money, less time and allow you more peace with less things.

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