Sunday, August 7, 2016

Today has gone softly.

Today has gone softly meaning... as a rare oddity it has gone in a wonderful pace.

It started with a 7 -7:30 am drink at the local coffee house with a dear friend more like family than outsider.

It then turned to a trip into town to get supplies.
     Soap, body and hand
     Basic foods, hemp, flax, and fresh veggies.

I stopped by my old job, caught up with the two women on hand came home to plan my menu for the week.

At home made two lunches for the week ahead.

Then met with a contractor for the tiny house for the estate.
     I got two names that will further my cause and ability to live debt free.
     Much information given swapped and more tracking, learning and possible favors to call in.

I got home and immediately called the two names given.
     I have an estimate from a water/ well digger!
     I have a call into for an appointment with a county permit guy and can only hope both calls are returned...

At this point I have a full belly, Jerry is out replacing the dog cable he ran over with the lawnmower, and we both await a call from a long ago friend of his in town ( a normal occurrence ).

Dog is on the sofa asleep and I'm about to take my magnesium to go to sleep soon.

A full day of nothing and lots all in the same breath!

Good news is Jerry and I agreed on where the tiny house goes, How we want it to sit.  And how we want it to end up.

With the contractor much was discussed... he suggested ... an RV or mobile home for the amount of money we want to spend, but I just can't do that.  SO the budget must be expanded and life goes on as it always does... Money, Interest, and Equity are all up in the air.  SO much going on it makes the head spin, so little in movement it makes the body scream in agony. LIFE is always a test and today is yet another day to test my patience , my organization skills, and my budgeting ability.   A soft day in the world for one person, a blink of the eye for humanity.  

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