Friday, August 5, 2016

Taking my lunches.

Life at the new job is going ... hard, hectic, and well.

I should start to get adjusted soon BUT we never really know.

I hope to make it my 90 days and I hope to make it my lifestyle for my future.  I need a job for two years before I can start to estimate how much it will cost me, much less be able to save for actually building a HOUSE we will make a home on our little estate.

My muscles are not hurting quite as badly as they did in the beginning, but having just finished my first 8 day straight with no day off was challenging, physically demanding, and mentally fatiguing to say the least.

I can say I love how the company I am now working for does recycle everything it puts out or sends to the stores.  plastic wrap, cardboard, pallets and more.  I like how everyone is actually responsible for everything BUT there is no REAL teamwork between the associates in my little store. This too shall change as all the new people learn more, are able to do more and are more timely in their abilities.  (including myself... especially myself) As always I demand a lot of myself, but having persons come down on me for little things is hard.  The 6am and after 11pm thing is a more than a little hard it is down right nearly impossible for me.   I suffer, I ache, and I ... well can't function well.

Is it that I am too old?
Is it that my brain no longer learns new things well?
Is it that I am too stressed to take on new task?
I desperately wish I knew my true inabilities instead of just freaking out with all the new task feeling like bait on a fish line.

Planning lunches, taking lunches because there are no ways of going on in what little time I have for lunch.  This week I plan for potato salad, quiche, and a salad or nuts each day rotating OR dolmas from TJ when ever I don't feel like eating what I have planned.

potato salad fairly cheap to make,
Quiche, easy... spinach in the freezer, a good sharp cheese, a mixture of dried/rehydrated mushrooms from the freezer, good heavy cream, large eggs and life gets better with each bite... lol...
nuts I've mixed for myself, dolmas in a can from Trader Joes; and if all fails an Apple or Banana with peanut butter. and always TEA ... Every other day I make tea. I can't stand drinking water unless I really have to

Salads, and small portions rule my lunches because if I eat too much too quickly i end up being too tired to function as I need to the rest of the day.

Lunches.... Taking, Controlling, (portion control, and money) and planning is what my life runs around on my time off.  Saving money is a big deal... every penny I save goes into the tiny house plans.

Daddy has the plans laid out. I like his thoughts and Jerry even approves.. But my first hard spot and brick wall have met.

I need to have a well dug, a septic done before I can even look at moving the containers into place.

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