Thursday, August 11, 2016

Codes and myself.

I'm not sure where I stand with codes... I've spoken to more than one person, and up the latter to the person over the department.  Basicly I have to have the container certified as an RV or a camper if I want to get around codes.

It is going to take every penny I have just to get the well dug, the electric run to the property AND get my septic put in place.  Three things for just a little over what I wanted to spend for the entire project.

I have to start talking to tiny house builders in the state to see how I can get the containers certified. Then I still have to save up the money for a foundation and rooms in the containers.

Life is going well in that I have plenty of work, my body is starting to get adjusted.  Trust me NOT adjusted but not aching with every breath I take. I do however find it very hard to shuffle all the duties, any customer service, and still do my job to any type of responsibility.

With calls into codes everyday, with their insisting I have a NC engineer sign off on anything I'm doing, while still trying to keep the barn, horses, house, and not to forget the little that goes on with Pirates' Lair... I well ...I think I'll end up certifiably crazy at some point.

Sweet Pea is in really bad shape.  She has blown a tendon again, limps hobbles, and basically doesn't move all day.   Which is good but not so good when bears are out trying to fatten up!

I had a list of to do's today that was a mile long.
I got it all done in record time!

I got it all done because I love the rain!   It keeps so many inside or away, but I could not care less!
got grease fittings for the gravely, a tube of grease for the grease gun, got food for next week made and planned. made ant poison,  Got small things at the kitchen store, Everything fell in place today while tomorrow will be a total loss I'm sure.

My list tomorrow is..
transfer mother in law's tongue
transfer some aloe
make water container set up birds room.
Clean birds room
PLANT grass at the barn!

If I get all this done I'll be sitting pretty for the next day off!

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