Friday, August 12, 2016

No sun!

There has been little to no sun for days.

Today is as dark as yesterday, thus allowing me to transfer some plants into smaller containers for a smaller house.  I got some grass seeded at the barn, only a small portion of the pasture because after all it could get so hot and kill it by the time the rainy season does arrive, BUT I couldn't pass up the perfect conditions for sewing some seeds.

I will however have to weed and feed this winter to make sure everything comes up better for next year.   I'm working on a TINY section of the pasture.  Too small in fact to support a horse but it is a start and about as large an area as I can afford to support at this point.

I have to admit ...
I'm a little scared of what ever is going on in codes.  This may in fact put a stop to everything I'm trying to do for Jerry and I to survive more easily, pay off what little debt his business has acquired.   Like all things there are bridges to cross, and prices to be paid... we shall see what comes of it!

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